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The Best Week Ever: Weeks 3-4

With all this Police reunion news, we fell a bit behind with "The White Rapper Show," but managed to pull it together. And all we can say is poor, poor G-Child. We at J.I. were saddened to see her leave at the end of week three. Despite not having anything remotely interesting to say or offer, she was kinda growing on us. You could start to tell she really wanted this "respect" and, when she proclaimed, "rapping is all she knows," it was disheartening to think this could be her only shot.

Brand Nubian made an appearance. It was barely insightful. The gang was then carted out to Long Island to participate in a mock game show, called "Affirmative Reaction." It was completely low-budget and utilized stock crowd footage, to make it appear that there was a real studio audience. JI was not fooled!

What's becoming a bit problematic, for J.I. and the (white) rappers during week 3, is that they aren't doing too much involving rapping. It might become hard for us to really discern (besides 100 Proof) who is really worthy of the $100,000 and "respect."

In week 2's recap, we had mentioned the mockery factor -- specifically the mocking of actual hip-hop culture, right in the "birth place." It seems that the producers realized that this would be noticed, and to level the playing field, really started to mock the white rappers this week. They had to write rhymes (to, again, avoid Stepping OFF!) about White Trash, White Power, White Guilt, etc.

Week 4 redeemed itself. It actually featured rappers doing rap stuff! I guess Serch made his point on "rap culture" the weeks prior, but it was the addition of hot producer to the stars Just Blaze helping the rappers out in the studio, and Kool Keith as guest judge! Yes, Black Elvis himself showed up, albeit tamed down, to see which track was "hot" in a club setting. A strip club setting.

White rapper "Jus Rhyme" seems to be headed down idiot road. Much of what came out his mouth, while trying to be thoughtful, just sounded dumb. Unfortunately, his team won, thus he was nixed from the elimination. Sadly, Serch told J.I. favorite 100 Proof to "step off."

More highlights:

• John Brown explaining that his "Ghetto Revival" company / project is actually positive. Who knew? John Brown cares.
• Persia has cried three out of the four weeks. Her "Far Rock" toughness is coming into question. She did provide a semi-decent vocal to her group's "track."
• Prince Paul as a game show host was slightly funny, and if J.I. had to pick a best part of this episode, this would be it. He's clearly having fun playing dress up.
• John Brown was heard to remark his opposing team's song sounded like "Track 29 of a mix tape." Ouch.
• Persia wore her crown again, something that's been absent since week 1, as well as something that is way too big for her head.
• 100 Proof was seen taking nips from a flask during the recording session.
• Sullee, the white rapper from Boston, is apparently "good with the ladies." We got hints of this when he was seen in bed with former white rapper Misfit, but our suspicions were confirmed when he told us.

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