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Idol Chatter: Oh, Make Us Over!

16idolTurns out the sobbing 8-year-old is actually 13, and sadly she wasn't mocked a guest on "Kimmel." She did nonetheless milk her 15 minutes of fame on "Today," and "Access Hollywood" gave her a style makeover to impress heartthrob Sanjaya at last night's "American Idol" performance.

And speaking of the boy everyone loves to hate (personally, we find this chick mildly amusing), we'll get our comments out of the way since obviously Sanjaya's "pony-hawk" will be the hot topic at the water cooler today. Seriously, it's like this kid is actively seeking out media ridicule. Even tonight's guest mentor, the ultra-fab Gwen Stefani, muttered something like, "uh, good luck to him."

Gina momentarily turned into the sobbing 8-year-old upon meeting Ms. Stefani, and by now Hot Topic should really be compensating her for all the free publicity she's giving to their merchandise.

Chris Sligh and Phil both tackled the Police, the latter of whom had on noticeably too much make up and out-sung most of the guys. Haley needs to invest in a pair of slacks, and Melinda, well, the discussion of her is getting somewhat redundant.

From there, Blake covered the Cure's "Love Song." J.I. remembers being pissed off a few years ago when home-state homeboys 311 covered it, and now we're even more pissed off because we can guarantee Blake loved said cover considering he already proclaimed 311 his favorite band of all time. We're just thankful he didn't bust out the beat-boxing.

Tomorrow, Gwen and Akon perform. Finally, a worthwhile reason to tune in.

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Dance w/ Your Favorite (Or Not So Favorite) Cartoon

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(Sing once) Well, you can make a lot of money.

Of course the chorus and the title are the same.

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