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Making Vids In Helsinki

Architecture_helsinki Today, we were admiring Kanye's new vid for "Good Life"... that, and every other video Kanye's put out lately for "The Graduation." Personally, we're hoping the dude pulls ahead of the rest in the Great Sept. 11 New Release Battle Of '07.

We also found ourselves lately chatting with Cameron Bird from rock troupe Architecture In Helsinki, who earned its first Billboard chart ink a week or so ago with "Places Like This" (Polyvinyl). We found their answer on one particular question apropos:

If you had a Kanye-sized budget for a music video, what would you do?

Spend $5,000 and keep the rest of it stashed from the label in a Swiss bank account.

What's your favorite part about being signed to Polyvinyl in the United States?

The fact that they are based out of a town called Champagne.

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It's Champaign.

Posted by: Julene | Sep 13, 2007 12:57:09 PM

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