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Rauhouse: A Last Name Built For Easy Blog Headlines

Rauhouse You've probably seen him play with Neko Case in the last six or seven years and, if you're a fan of Bloodshot Records, seen him with any number of other affiliated bands, like the Grievous Angels, Waco Brothers, Sally Timms and Kelly Hogan. And he's always playing the instruments you have no idea how to play.

Jon Rauhouse rocked our house^ late last week at Union Pool in Brooklyn, playing just one of those instruments: pedal steel. His tropical-styled songs inspired summer-weathered smiles and a little dancing (or rather, from us, enthusiastic swaying), with the help of one of our favorite singers, Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, who remains unjustly obscure. (Seriously, someone sign Visqueen, please.) The tour, which continues through the end of the month, comes in support of the Arizona-based musician's most recent "Steel Guitar Heart Attack," featuring Tommy Connell.

We sat down briefly with Rauhouse after the show. He was smart and had a fantastic laugh.

How does one even start to play a instrument like pedal steel?

Well, I started with banjo somewhere at the end of the '70s, but I found banjo really limiting. I feel like you could hear them everywhere. I was already decent at guitar and I thought, Why don't I just choose the next most complicated thing to do. I got my first one for $400. Playing pedal steel... the tone and sliding is really fascinating, and you don't have to have a ton going on while playing. You can't categorize its particular sound. You can do a Nashville thing, Western Swing, do jokey, goofy music, Hawaiian... It defies categorization.

What else is on your plate right now?

I've been listening to a lot of Alvino Rey* big band stuff lately and love that sound and want to use that more in my live shows. I've been starting to work with Neko on some new stuff in L.A. and Chicago and am still working alongside Rachel on a new Visqueen record.

^ See what we did there?
* Fun fact you may already know: Rey, the late steel pioneer, was grandfather to brothers Win and Will Butler of  Arcade Fire.

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