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She Left, We Wished She'd Remain

Kathryn_williams The same night that the winner of U.K.'s Mercury Prize was being announced, one of us was off checking out one former Mercury Prize nominee (gently) rock her first performance ever in the U.S. at the Living Room in New York.

British singer/songwriter Kathryn Williams, who has released six full-length records total abroad, finally released her first set in the 'States: "Leave to Remain" hit shelves Aug. 28 via Cheap Lullaby Records. The songwriter, though shy, tackled material from all of her records at the show, including crowd favorite "Flicker." Though she was quite clearly stage-frightened between songs, her cool, clean voice carried beautifully.

Jaded Insider caught up with the artist after the show to ask a few questions about babies and Ray LaMontagne.

Also, buy all of her CDs.

You have a six-month-old child now. How has having a kid affected your artistic life?

It was really funny, when I became pregnant, people just assumed that was it -- I was retired. Like, oh, because you have a kid you can no longer make music and have a career of it. If I was male it wouldn't be the same conversation. It's my job, I've been doing it for 10 years! It goes to show you what a male-dominated world it is we're in. I just keep making music -- I just get to thinking how I want Louis to be proud of me and what I've done.

You were pregnant when you opened up for Ray LaMontagne in the U.K. What was that like?

I was HUGE when I played with Ray, I'd have to hold my guitar to the side of my belly, like sidesaddle. Ray was wonderful though, we were all quite close. Ray was already 11 months on the road and was really ragged at the time. You could tell the rest of the band was tired and the drummer was especially homesick. So, my gran would send along some tea cakes, a tin of tea cakes and when she heard that, she sent a tin of tea cakes to the drummer's mom to cheer everyone up.

The great thing about Ray was that he recognized that feeling. Halfway through one of his sets, he just stopped and was like, Everyone, give it up for Kathryn and buy all of her CDs. It was really heart-felt. I just stood there and cried, with all my pregnant emotions.

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