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Lupe Fiasco Dis Week

Lupefiasco_2_2So apparently living in the sticks IS good for your street-cred. Why? ‘Cause today’s 50 Cent day (Friday October 12) in Bridgeport Connecticut according to their mayor. Nice.

Meanwhile in the blogosphere, Lupe Fiasco seems dead set on pissing off any backpacker fans he had left by declaring he toted guns in his childhood instead of Tribe Called Quest albums. If you missed Fiasco's shenanigans this week, here's the short list:

• Lupe performs on Monday night’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors tribute to A Tribe Called Quest, flubs a line.

• Devoted ATCQ fans berate and curse him out in the blogosphere for his crime.

• Lupe curses them back telling them to get off their “high horses and sacred cows,” proclaiming he was more Spice 1 than Kamaal the Abstract and that he only did the show because Q-Tip asked.

• Little Brother MC Phonte tells Lupe he’s dead wrong via

• Q-Tip classily dismisses the statements, saying he never begged Lupe to do anything.

Lupe peddles back (a lil bit...) says on Hot 97 that his statements on this week were taken out of context, tells DJ Kay Slay that he’s suing VIBE magazine who he says spliced an interview--done a month ago—to fit into this ATCQ/VH1 Hip-Hop Honors debacle.

So now...J.I. is a bit torn. We love Lupe but are confused as to why he’s beefing with the imaginary adversary that is rap blog fans. They’re relentless and will never (well, hardly ever to be fair) give you a pass. So why argue? Just say you messed up the line because you didn’t read up on the lyrics before. J.I. saw Keyshia’s “Remember the Time” performance (she didn’t remember her lines either) but you don’t see her beefing in the streets. Your album is called “The Cool.” We’re just saying...

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man im kind of young but i know all about rappers before my time from the begining of hip hop right on up to the present state. with that said i don't know S*** about ATCQ and i dont care to know either. the only Quest fans i ever met were white kids in college. that stuff is hippie hop! i aint in to that so i side with lupe no disrespect intended but it is what it izzz!

Posted by: P.I.N.K. | Oct 15, 2007 10:38:53 AM

man I dont know about all this!!

Posted by: robbyrob | Oct 15, 2007 6:03:30 PM

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