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Fujifilm Party: Freebies & Faint Praise

Fujifilm_z10_irving_celebs_15ed_wes J.I. is an unrepentant Us Weekly fan, and always enjoys the pictures of B-list stars posing on the red carpet at launch events for products. When we attended the launch party for the Fujifilm FinePix Z10fd camera last night (Oct. 25) at Irving Plaza, we found out why those celebs seem drawn to those parties like moths to a flame. The line at the door was organized, the booze and snacks flowed freely, and pretty people hung around listening to palatable alternative rock.

J.I. was promised all sorts of famous people sightings, but our best Gawker Stalker moment came earlier in the evening, when we saw Moby at SoHo bookstore McNally Robinson. Our only brush with fame at Irving came when the dude who plays Chuck Bass on "Gossip Girl" (Ed Westwick, pictured) stood in front of us and asked if he was blocking our view in his delightful British accent. He can try to get in our pants on a rooftop anytime.

As far as the music went, J.I. only managed to catch openers Locksley, and found them quite pleasant, if ultimately forgettable. They play the type of accessible rock music that makes for nice background noise, and covering the White Stripes was certainly an interesting, out-of-left-field choice. J.I. had to split before the boys with curious hair of the Bravery hit the stage, but sources tell me they were solid.

As far as the camera the party was supposed to celebrate, we thought it looked spiffy enough. Then again, J.I. is a luddite who has never owned a digital camera and only uses a cell phone cam to take pictures of perverts on the subway, so our opinion on this matter holds very little weight.

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