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Joy Of Film Division

ControlAdmittedly, we're not big Joy Division fans. It's nothing personal -- and we understand the band's influence, the New Order connection, etc. etc. -- but we've never poured over their (two) albums with any amount of teenage glee.

That being said, we were completely spellbound with the new Ian Curtis biopic "Control," which is already out in New York and goes wide to the top 10 U.S. markets tomorrow (Oct. 26).

Starting from when the future Joy Division frontman was a makeup-wielding adolescent to his gut-punching suicide at 23, the film follows Curtis' quiet, tormented state of mind and health as Joy Division's popularity grows. The debut of director Anton Corbijn (who is perhaps best known for his iconic photography of rock stars), the film is shot in black and white and features incredibly close imitations of JD songs. The movie was gorgeous and affecting, even more so when you realize his widow helped co-write and co-produce.

The film doesn't answer the mystery of why Curtis couldn't leave his wife or how much of his crippling depression was angled by anti-epilepsy drugs, but it's haunted comfort that Corbijin leaves some things a mystery.

We're not film critics here, but we'd be mistaken not recommending this amazing movie.

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I can't wait to see this

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