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Jay-Z Goes 'Gangster' In New York

Jayz_06l Hmm. Last night (thanks Puff) was interesting -- it was the NYC date for Jay-Z’s "American Gangster" tour at Hammerstein Ballroom. We here at J.I. wanted to turn cartwheels with excitement, but we're not gushing like we were after 2006’s "Reasonable Doubt" concert (complete with a ‘96 Lexus driven onto the Radio City Music Hall stage, Beyonce and a FLAWLESS performance).

Let’s just say last night wasn’t Hov’s best performance. Not to mention, Nov. 11 was a rough day for the Roc-A-Fella family since Kanye West’s mother passed. Our prayers go out to West’s entire camp.

Back to Jay’s concert. First off, the line for entry was crazy long. It wrapped around the around the 34th Street block and we shivered in the 45-degree cold while Def Jam’s street team heckled us with Jay-Z lyrics and his “American Gangster” Nov. 6 release date. Note to street teamers: we know the album’s in stores. That’s why we’re in line for the CONCERT.

So J.I. finally gets in after waiting an hour in line, only to wait for another hour before Jay hits the staqe. Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex opened the show until it was apparent that the Hammerstein’s sound was so suspect that he just left the stage. And though the doors opened at 7:3, Jay didn’t hit the stage until around 10:30.

• Jay played old stuff like “P.S.A.,” “Encore” and “Excuse Me”
• Lil’ Wayne came out for “Hello Brooklyn” and co-signed himself, saying to Jay ,“The greatest rapper alive and the next rapper in line.” Smiling like a dentist was checking out his diamond-studded choppers, he left the stage. Expect him to relive that moment all over his next 75 mixtapes -- you heard it
here first.
• Puff came out for “I Get Money (remix)”
• The Roc-A-Fella family reunion with Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Memphis Bleek and Young Chris, one half of the Young Guns (where’s Lil’ Neefy, the other half?)

• By the time Jay hit the stage, most of the crowd was tired.
• Fans began leaving mid-concert and when he asked the crowd if they were ready for more, let’s just say the floor didn’t shake with hope of staying in the Hammerstein till the cows came home.
• Jay seemed tired, like the show was more work than fun. His signature Rat Pack flair, which we adore him for, was missing.
• Jadakiss joined Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella. Not that his signing is bad, but when Jay made the announcement at the show’s end, amid his celebratory “Roc Boys” performance, Jada refused to rap. Green Lantern, the show’s DJ, played “All About the Benjamins” but Jada dismissed it, saying it was “Puff’s song.” Then Green played “The Champ Is Here” and Jada complained that he was put on the spot and couldn’t remember his lyrics. So the guys just went back to performing “Roc Boys” and that was the show’s big send off. Can you say awkward?

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thats so weak from rock hova better stand up

Posted by: jo bucks | Nov 22, 2007 2:56:55 PM

Not sure what concert you attended. Yes, the wait was long and made people tired, but that place was on fire and the floor was shaking when he hit the stage. People were screaming and had their ROC signs up and THOROUGHLY enjoyed him and HIS ENERGY. JADA DIDN'T REMEMBER HIS LINES - he didn't want to do Puff's record and he couldn't remember his lines to "The Champ Is Here" - that's why Jay said "throw ROC Boys back on" and the crowd continued to ROC out. Also, the stage set was amazing as was the band - KILLED. Need I mention that rapper that NO ONE THINKS IS GOOD, BUT HIS PEOPLE AND FOR SOME STRANGE REASON THE MEDIA (CHECK BLACK HIP HOP SITES FOR PEOPLE'S REAL FEELINGS AND STOP ASKING RAPPER'S IN THEIR INTERVIEWS ABOUT SOMEONE WHO'S NOT ON JAY'S LEVEL OR A FEW OTHERS' THAT ARE BEFORE HIM, e.g., EMINEM, NAS, LUDA, ANDRE 3000, etc.) CAME OUT, DID HIS SET AND ANNONCED THAT JAY WAS THE "BEST RAPPER ALIVE"?! There's plenty of video of this concert floating on the net for anyone that needs visual proof. HOV PUTS IT DOWN EVERY TIME AND AG IS A CLASSIC. PEOPLE AND RAPPERS ADMIRE AND WANT TO IMMULATE HIM FOR A REASON.

Posted by: THEGOAT | Nov 26, 2007 12:44:57 PM

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Posted by: tiffany silver | Jan 4, 2010 9:56:33 PM

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