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Robots Rule The World

Lppsmmchp_limited_2 If you're a musician, or an aspiring musician, or a musical nitwit, you cannot deny the awesome and also ridiculous power of Gibson's new Robot Guitar, due Dec. 7. You can automate the thing to tune to the chromatic scale, drop D, straight E and a ton of other tunings. It automatically winds your strings when you change them and can indicate what adjustments you need to make to the intonation.

We want to know how much that thing weighs (and, um, costs).

Here are the qualms we have with this lil' lazy factory...

  1. It's called a Robot Guitar
  2. Its generic Les Paul finish is as aesthetically unexciting as the first gen iPod
  3. If the tuning keys really do make that whirring sound, then that's just plain silly
  4. The body does not detach to turn into a Roomba
  5. Why don't you just get a really nice guitar instead?

Looks like the non-first edition is due sometime late 2008. In the meantime, only 10 guitars will be given to select stores. Looks like you're bypassing that Lexus purchase again this year, gearheads.

For robots that are guitarists rather than guitars, here's Flight Of The Conchords' "The Humans Are Dead." You can read Billboard's interview with the duo here.

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