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Bringing Back The Jam

Ev_2 While J.I. was watching his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers get obliterated tonight by the Seattle Supersonics (hey, no Lebron though), we took some solace in a quick on-air interview with Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, who revealed that the band was about to regroup after a six months-plus hiatus.

"We're gonna get together here in a couple of weeks and try and write some stuff," said Ament, who also weighed in on the talents of star Sonics rookie Kevin Durant ("he's fast ... and long") and the quality of the snow in the Pacific Northwest of late ("probably the best in 10 years," he claimed).

Beyond the upcoming writing session, J.I. is in the know that Pearl Jam is going to play some shows before too long. One appearance may even be ready to announce as early as next week.

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Spill on the show J.I.

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