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Idol Chatter: Chikezie, we hardly knew ye!

Well, score one for Dial Idol's methods - Chikezie got the boot last night. For JI, it's hard to say exactly why: he doesn't suck like fellow bottom dweller Kristy Lee Cook, and he doesn't default to crying like a possessed baby for a stupid human trick, like Syesha. Jason Castro? Maybe his stoned routine is wearing thin. Chikezie had a nice voice, seemed sweetly amusing in interviews, and did nothing to make us irate. But it is American Idol, not Amiable Idol, and so it goes.

"Idol" did address some viewer crankiness last night, giving a behind the scenes tour of the contestants recording their songs for the iTunes download. If you've wandered over to that iTunes section recently, you'll notice that the comments consist of two things: "I'm an ARCHangel! DAVID ARCHULETA Rulezz!!1!" and "Hey, this isn't the version he/she sang on the show last night! I liked that version better." Yeah, well, too bad. What they're selling on this show is polished version of songs, not smurfy David forgetting the words.

Next week? Dolly Parton. Which means that Kristy is rapidly going to become the Sanjaya of this season - why won't she go away? Whyyyy?

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Ramielle is the one that needed to go for last few weeks and please go next week!!!! She is just plain unlikeable. Chikezie was robbed and we were robbed of some great performances. I do think he will have many R&B hits in the the coming years.Also Kristie Lee isn't as bad as everyone goes on about.Looking forward to next week and Dolly Parton!!! Just bought Backwoods Barbie ... Love you Dolly.

Posted by: BeeserStl | Mar 27, 2008 2:29:55 PM

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