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Talkin' To Ourselves About Wilco

Wilco_2 J.I. scored a coup on Saturday night and got himself into the taping for "Saturday Night Live," mainly to ogle Wilco but also to kinda pay attention to the comedy going on around him. Verdict: Wilco, A. Comedy, C+.

First thing's first: kudos for not going the obvious route with the song choices. First up was "Hate It Here," one of the more straightforward songs on "Sky Blue Sky." On Saturday, the addition of the Total Pros horn trio gave the track an extra kick that contrasted nicely with frontman Jeff Tweedy's Mr. Mom-style lyrics, and the ending was much more emphatic than the soft finale utilized on the studio version.

Later on, "Walken" found Tweedy busting out a white spangly nudie suit, quite an upgrade from the jeans/sneakers combo he had on during the first tune. The riffs were meaty, especially Nels Cline's lap steel wizardry, and several members of the audience were air-drumming along with Glenn Kotche's fills. Plus, Tweedy had pictures of his kids taped to his guitar strap, and employed a sly twist on the lyric "I know it's you," changing it to "I know it's Sue," a winking nod to his wife.

Although none of the band members showed up in any of the skits, we were treated to the bizarro world site of Tweedy shaking hands with surprise "Weekend Update" guest Rudy Giuliani during the cast farewell sequence as the end credits ran. After all, Wilco played a Barack Obama fundraiser in Chicago a few months back...

There are also some amusing promos featuring host Ellen Page ("Juno") and Wilco, including one where Tweedy gets to deliver the punch line. You go!

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