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My Top 8: Riskay

RiskayWe continue our My Top 8 series with Florida's own Riskay.

By now, you've seen it, and likely quoted it and wonder if it works. That's right folks, Riskay's "Smell Yo D*ck." The video has been making heavy rounds on YouTube, Perez Hilton (who has posted a video of himself singing the song) and your little cousin's Bebo profile page. It's a cheating song, plain and simple, and a gross one at that. Riskay make no qualms confronting her lover on his wrongs, and her method of revealing his indiscretions is disquieting at the least, hilarious at best.

The Drama Queen checked in with Billboard to tell us who is in her top 8 on MySpace.

1) Steven Wesley - This is my 1st cousin, who is a football player for the University of Miami. I'm very proud of him for getting a full scholarship to attend college so I added him as #1 in my friend's list.
2) Real - He's my label mate on I-4 Trackblazers label and he also raps on my song, "Smell Yo D*ck."
3) Lil Chaney Bee - This is my lil cousin, and is now on l I-4 Trackblazers with me. He raps on my song "Krispy Kreme."
4) Bigg Baby - He's the CEO of I-4 Trackblazers and a longtime friend of mine. He was the one who gave me my chance to shine.

5) DJ Quest - He is one of my favorite DJs and he produced the beat for "Smell Yo D*ck."

6) Aviance - She is also on I-4 Trackblazers and she sings the chorus on "Smell Yo D*ck."
7) Killa Kim - She's a close friend of mine that is doing the rap thing as well. We both know how hard it is to be females in the game so we keep each other motivated to keep going.
8) H Vadil - He is another one of my favorite DJs. He is a DJ on Wild 98.7 in Tampa and he is a supporter of me and my music. He interviewed me on Wild 98.7 and it was fun.

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