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ATP Day 3: Lakeside Lounge

Images Possibly the best thing about ATP is that you can see very little music and still have a good time. J.I. only managed to catch a few bands yesterday, but after the blistering sonic assault of Saturday, we were ready for some quiet time.

We spent most of the day by the lake, shooting the breeze with friends new and old, eating free ice cream, and drinking bourbon and lemonade. When we did rally to see shows, we were rewarded with a sweet, fuzzy pop set from the Lily's before heading over to check out hip-hop legends EPMD (pictured).

First of all, if you've never watched a bunch of mostly pale 30-omethings rock out to old school hip-hop in a decrepit ballroom, let us just tell you, it's worth seeing. We were stationed in the VIP balcony and went nuts with the rest of the crowd, bouncing and flailing and chanting, so caught up in the moment that we didn't see Kevin Shields standing next to us, looking slightly bemused. At least we didn't lean over and ask when the next record was coming out.

All in all, ATP was a great example of what a festival should be -- manageable, full of cool people and boasting a solid line-up. The slight odor of mold and lame food options aside, it was a pretty perfect weekend.

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