Oops, She Didn't Do It Again

EaglestopbritneyspearsBy now you have been thoroughly inundated by news that the Eagles, whose last studio album came out before Britney Spears was even born, have snatched number 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart from the embattled pop tabloidista because Billboard has decided to change the chart rules and count Eagles sales from Wal-Mart. Britney's "Blackout" is now her first album not to land at No. 1 thanks to the Eagles' "Long Road Out of Eden." Some people are really really mad that the middle-aged rockers trumped the world's most talked about music celeb (she's easily topped the Billboard Buzz 100 blog chart for weeks). Others are just interested in the change to the way the charts are put together. What do you think?

J.I. popped a little poll on here, or you can tell us what you think of the Eagles vs. Britney chart battle in comments right here.

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