Kanye's New Vid

A few weeks back, J.I. had the pleasant surprise of seeing  Kanye West perform at the Museum of Natural History, when fellow Chi-town MC Kid Sister, who had a show there that night, brought him out to perform their collabo, "Pro Nails." To everyone's delight, a graceful Kanyeezy proceeded to perform his own three-song set that included "Good Life," "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Flashing Lights." Before he exited the stage, he promised the crowd he'd premiere a video for the latter in coming weeks. And he kept his promise.

Now, we aren't sure if this is the full clip or just a promo, but, J.I. is digging it nonetheless. The lady featured in the video, co-directed by West and Spike Jones, is model Rita G. And, yes, that is the Louis Vuitton don getting smashed with a shovel in the trunk of the car. SMH.

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Is Jay-Z Crying Wolf Or Crying Apple?

Jayz So the rumors of Jay-Z joining Apple and creating a revolutionary digital label, which initially popped up late last year with Jay-Z later denying it, appeared on the hip-hop and technology blogs again last night.

Initially, JI thought Mr. Carter was just letting the rumors brew to scare Def Jam into meeting his contractual demands, whatever those might've been. But now that we know he is no longer President of the label we are wondering if the idea of an Apple partnership is actually a possibility. Still we question, are people just throwing shots in the dark as to where Jay's going to end up post-Def Jam? Or is Jay now bluffing to get some other label to meet his contractual demands?

Presently, the blogosphere is split regarding the rumor’s validity. Some say its on and poppin, while others are like “yeah, right!” As for Jay-Z, he told in December that “making records with artists and throwing those records into a system that's flawed is not exciting for me. It's not the music; people ingest music the same way. It's just that the model of selling CDs has changed. So doing things the typical way is not in the best interests of anyone and not exciting for me. My whole thing is, how do we invest in the future? If everyone is committed to doing that, then I'm sure there's a deal to be made.”

That kinda leaves it up in the air, doesn’t it? And so does this comment from his camp: "Mr. Carter is still considering several opportunities." But they also denied he was leaving Def Jam until he wasn’t there anymore, so you be the judge.

Makes you wonder: if you rap about someone/something, will they give you a job? Kinda like Jay rhymed about Ipod (manufactured by Apple) on "The Prelude," aka JI's fave "Kingdom Come" joint? 

“On the internet, they’re like you should spit it/I’m like you should buy it n*&&# that’s good business/ Forget this rap shit I need a new hustle/a little bit of everything the new improved russell...before Steve Jobs made the iPod was getting head jobs...”


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Nasty Nas

Nas How much does J.I. love Nasty Nas? Let us count the ways. Let’s see ... He habitually forgets the words to his own lyrics and we forgive him -- now that’s love. On Wednesday (Dec. 26), Nas shut down New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom with his 2nd annual day-after-Christmas concert.

“While all the executives are on vacation in St. Barts, Nas is in New York City with y'all mutherfuckers," said Nasir Jones. "I love y'all.”

Backed by a three-piece band and with hip-hop icon Marley Marl as his DJ, Nas ran through hits like “Street Dreams” and “Affirmative Action.” Unfortunately, neither AZ or the incarcerated Foxy Brown were around to perform their verses for that last song. Sad face. But Grammy–nominated songstress Chrisette Michele (we told ya’ll she was dope) made it out for “Can’t Forget About You.”  Though her short-cropped haircut was a bit too much like her labelmate Rihanna's, we’re supporting her experiments with new looks. Always gotta switch it up.

Busta Rhymes popped up for “New York State of Mind” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Before he left, Busta Bus said, essentially, that a lot of rappers call themselves the King of New York (shout to Biggie, Frank White and Christopher Walken) but that Nas actually is. Wonder who that sneak diss was for? Perhaps someone who recently quit Def Jam? You be the judge.

In addition to Nas forgetting his lyrics at least nine times (yes, we counted), one funny part of the show was the full-length performance of “Ochie Wallie” starring the fame-starved Bravehearts (Nas’ brother and bodyguard). Now J.I.’s not mad at their performance -- it’s a hot joint -- but did we really have to hear
the WHOLE SONG? Nas is headlining the show and he barely performed any of his songs in their entirety.

When Nas closed with “Made Ya Look,” J.I. realized that we love him, even if he can’t remember the words to “Halftime.” I mean c’mon! That was over 10 years ago, right?

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ATL = Good Times

What can we say about hob-nobbing with the urban industry's best and brightest over several days in the A Town, Where, let's be honest, most of hip-hop music comes from these days? We can say that we sacrificed quite a few sleep hours doing "research" for you guys out there in cyber land. Yeah, we had a few drinks while gathering facts - stuff like this takes dedication.

Let's start with Thursday night. J.I. hit the downtown club (we think we were in downtown) The Royal where Nas, Chris Webber (who's not nearly as hot as he was when J.I. was in high school. No wonder he and Tyra Banks squashed their love connections), a couple of Goodie Mob members and, wait... even Emmanuel Lewis from the tv sitcom "Webster" got their dance on.  (sidenote: We know 'Ain't that something?' is what you're saying to yourself and believe us, we said the same... ESPECIALLY when we heard that Mr. Lewis never lacks for a lap dance in the A.! Special shout to WHTA's Stix Malone for showing us around town.)

Friday night, after DJ Holiday did us a huge favor by DJ-ing The Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards show, we tumbled into a club called Esso's where Holiday was spinning and some of South's rappers kept us dancing all night. Say what you will about D4L (of "Laffy Taffy" fame) but Shawty Lo has a track called "Dey Know" that J.I.'s favorite song right now. The horns are perfect. Island/Def Jam's new mc, Rocko, is also getting a bunch of spins with "Umma Do Me," which was produced by Drumma Boy. He just shot his first video for "Umma Do Me" last Tuesday, and J.I. dares to say that with his early spins in Atl and Def Jam's muscle, Rocko's got an easy road to success.

We also thanked our lucky stars that Louisiana's star producer, Mouse of Trill Family, has another hit with Webbie and Boosie called "Independent." It's great while you're drinking, er, researching... and great for the chicks!

After Esso's, J.I. took our lives into our own hands and hit Atlanta's storied East Point to hit the biggest pool hall we've ever seen with the name to prove it: Grand Central. Joining up with MC Rocko, J.I. popped to the tunes until a fight broke out and we hit the streets to bring you this blog, safely and with all of our limbs in tact. Long story short, ATL = GOOD TIMES.

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Sensual Snoop

Snoop_dogg_06l Eight albums in and the D-O double-Gizzle is still rocking out.

Snoop Dogg is set to release his ninth solo LP, "Ego Trippin," in March 2008 via Doggystyle/Geffen. The premier single titled "Sensual Seduction," is produced by Shawty Redd and features Snoop in a completely different light than ever before - playing both a rapper and a singer while crooning about sexual wickedness over an 80s-inspired melody. 

The video for the single, which world-premieres today on MTV, was directed by Melina (Eve's "Tambourine," Ludacris' "Money Maker"). In it, Snoop uses a talk box machine, inspired by the sounds of Roger and Zapp as he channels Rick James, Prince and others from that era. Meanwhile, the video vixens emulate Vanity 6 and Mary Jane Girls.

"'Sensual Seduction' is like a throwback feel-good song," said Snoop in a statement. "I wanted to have fun with this one... and the video is crazy!"

Like In Living Color's "Men On Film" would say, Jaded Insider gives it "the yet unheard of Zorro snap, in Z formation!" Classic!

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction [EXCLU]
Uploaded by PeteRock">"Sensual Seduction"

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