Janet Gives "Feedback"

So here’s Janet Jackson’s new video “Feedback,” and we’re not mad at it. Though "it’s the same thing she always does,” J.I. is excited to see Mrs. Dupri, er, Ms. Jackson (we're nasty) dancing again. Kinda like Britney trying to fool us with all that hair flipping in her "Piece of Me" video, Janet is a much better dancer than singer (read: folks like Ledisi or Chrisette Michele). Thrill us with your moves woman! Put these spotlight-biting chicks on the bench! Not that we’re mad at Ciara, Tyra B or anybody else, but you can’t leave us hanging. We remember albums like "Janet" and "Rhythm Nation" (and we have a faux military jacket with all those shiny brass buttons too). If for nothing else, at least for the (pleasure) principle.

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