To A Warm Hip-Hop Winter

Hiphop_2 While winter has kicked us in our asses, it's finally warming up in hip-hop! Wu-Tang’s beefing; Jim Jones did to  Jay-Z what Jay-Z did to Ridley Scott (Jay released the "American Gangster" concept record inspired by the flick "American Gangster," so... Jimmy released the "Harlem’s American Gangsta" mixtape on Jay's Nov. 6 release date. Classic!); Cam'Ron, the self-proclaimed hip-hop "bigfoot," is back via (he's even got music swarming around the Internet); and Jay made a video we actually like! "Roc Boys" is amazing! Thanks Chris Robinson! The "Blue Magic" clip had us a tad bit worried.

And so Jaded Insider wanted to say thank you Hip-Hop! We were really worried this winter was going to suck. L'Chaim!

PS. Why wasn't Kanye in Jay's "Roc Boys" video? We heard he said because he was outta town. But everyone else was there... I mean... we're just saying.

PPS. How many times is Lil Wayne really going to push back his record? Do we believe him on this new February release or does he need more people? Please Wayne? Please!

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