EddievedderseanpennbillboardsmSo J.I. is trying to control how happy we are that Eddie Vedder is all up on the cover of Billboard this week (with his director buddy Sean Penn). We know we've got a pronounced affinity for all things Pearl Jam, we can admit it. Jonathan Cohen unpacked all the Vedder/"Into the Wild" interview goodness that would not fit in the magazine in the online version here. But the mag cover made us geek out all the more because EV's giving quiet props to a couple of things if you look closely enough at the buttons on his lapel...

The button on the left with a red star on it is Easy Street Records, an indie store in West Seattle where PJ did a live record a couple of years ago called, er, "Live at Easy Street." The button on the right says "77" and is a low-key nod at the Talking Heads: 77 album. But hey, we already knew he was a Heads fan. He covered "Love Goes to Buildings on Fire" way back in '99.

Right. Like we said. We're geeks.Vedderbuttons_3

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