The Ting Tings Hit Big In NYC

When Mark Sutherland reviewed the Ting Tings' London show on May 22, the duo was straddling the line between the next big thing and bigger stardom. Almost a month later, there is no question about it: Jules de Martino and Katie White have what it takes to make it on both sides of the pond.

White said when the band played NYC's Mercury Lounge in March, it was only half full. Tickets for their show June 18 at the Bowery Ballroom, however, were not as easy to get, as it sold out way ahead of time. The show was extremely short—only nine songs, including the encore—but de Martino and White still managed to leave the crowd satisfied.

"We Walk" was a pretty slow track for an opener, but it still got the crowd amped for the rest of the show. De Martino started with guitar and drums (at the same time) before White burst in wearing all red, blue and black to match the cover of the Tings' debut album "We Started Nothing" (Capitol). The pace picked up with "Great DJ" and "Fruit Machine," which got fans jumping to White's cheerleader-esque vocals.

Amid flashing strobe lights and Bowery's cheesy disco ball, neither of the Tings showed their faces—de Martino wore red shades, and White's bleach-blonde hair was always in her eyes. It was nearly impossible to keep track of White, who sang in fans' faces, shouted into her neon yellow microphone, and stomped her feet to the beat of her raw guitar chords.

While the music came close to the caliber of the duo's recorded work, it seemed that nearly half of each song was made using either loop pedals or prerecorded backing tracks. It still sounded fine, but sometimes the charm of a live show comes from the barebones sound that comes from the few missing elements.

The show peaked during iPod commercial track "Shut Up and Let Me Go" and "That's Not My Name," both of which had fans jumping up and down with hands clapping over their heads.  If the Ting Tings stay this big for a while, I can only hope that the next time they come around, they'll have a few more songs. Blossoming rock stars they might be, a headlining band needs to have more than nine songs to play.

Here is the Ting Tings' setlist:

"We Walk"
"Great DJ"
"Fruit Machine"
"Keep Your Head"
"Traffic Light"
"Shut Up and Let Me Go"
"Be The One"
"That's Not My Name"
"We Started Nothing"

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