My Top 8: Spoon

Spoon We continue our series on artist's top 8 friends on MySpace.

On Tuesday (April 8), Merge Records will be releasing a new Spoon single, "Don't You Evah," which includes several remixes of the "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" track, plus one brand-spankin' new Spoon song, "All I Got Is Me." The band is already on the road and will wind up at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kan., on April 20.

This week: Spoon's Britt Daniel gave us his best gander on theirs, though some gaps ought to be filled in -- anybody with insight?

I don’t know any of the top 16 other than Public Hifi (drummer Jim Eno’s studio) and the Million Sellers. The other ones were all choices of the gal or two who take care of the MySpace page.

So why we chose them: Public Hifi so that Jim can get work and the Million Sellers because I think the main guy Kels is a world-class songwriter and it's a shame no one knows about that.

Checking the Million Sellers, we agree. We think there's some great tunes, but you also would have to twist our arm to see them live. With Spoon. In our living room. Thanks Britt!

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