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June 29, 2007


I read about the LG/Billboard Mobile Beat contest while I was at work a couple weeks ago. I skimmed over an article talking about how "about 30" concert-loving individuals were going to get the opportunity to write for Billboard this summer. Like most, I initially dismissed the idea of actually entering, let alone winning the contest.

Minutes later, my good friend Rose Ahn sent me an IM saying "This is so you!" with a link to the contest, encouraging me to give it a shot. I told her that I had already heard about the contest, but I'd think about it. Between my full-time job, personal blog, and second job that I recently took up after my car was stolen, I was definitely "swamped," not yet overwhelmed, but moderately intrigued.

The night before the contest officially ended, I accidentally fell asleep (not a fan of napping) face down on our living room couch, only to be awakened by the epiphany - "Tonight is the last possible night that I could enter that Mobile Blogger contest..." I scrambled to put together two photo mash-ups for my submission with the help and limited (not that I'm not grateful for them) Photoshop skills of my roommate Ryan Fujitani long after most normal people had gone to bed. I churned out a 90-something word essay and with inspirational Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"-like lyrics in my optimistic mind, I sent out my application through my spotty wireless connection in our West LA apartment.

I gave it a shot. In my groggy state, I knew that I could live with the fact that I gave it a shot.

That same night, my fortune cookie from Panda Express read, "Great things await you in the coming month." While I'm not one to base my  life around delicious, yet dry and tasteless desserts that come in plastic single serve packets, that fortune cookie just might have made my summer.

Some people are great at Photoshop. We are ok at resizing pictures.

Four days later, I received an email from Billboard with a subject line that read: "Congratulations, You Have Been Chosen as a Winner of the Billboard/LG Mobile Beat Contest."

My first thought was, "No freakin' way, dude..." (how I've turned so "West Coast" in five years is still beyond me). I thought someone read my blog, thought he was funny and decided to play a trick on me.

And now, a week and a half later, I have my Verizon LG enV cell phone in hand and I'm waiting on confirmation for my first assignment. Really, it's a cliche' to say it at this point, but it's all pretty unbelievable.

If you've found this blog, chances are you love music. Most of us love music of some kind and really, very few people don't like going to concerts. For me, I love music (when you live in LA, music is your friend for hours on end when you're parked on the 405) like everyone who won this contest. What's a little weird about all this for me is that I'm excited about this experience because I just love blogging. Who says something like that? Apparently, I do.

I can't wait for the shows and the experiences that await, but I'm just as much looking forward to sharing this experience with the Mobile Beat readers and other Mobloggers this summer.

For now, the anticipation continues and I'm pretty ok with that.

Thanks for checking in.

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ramiro avila

You rock man, can't wait to read in the future!!


I love this....can't wait to hear more!!!

Paige J

Go DC! You definitely are talented and I luv your writing!


nice intro to your blog! can't wait to read about everything as your posts keep coming!

Nikki Vance

When do I get an invite to one of these fabulous concerts??!!! This sounds like an awesome opportunity...best of luck!!


Dude, you shoulda gotten that fortune cookie before your car was stolen. :-)

justin king

dave i think you are well on your way to being the next Ryan Seacrest...

Jon Joe

This sounds pretty sweet. Looks like your going to have a blast! I'll be checking back to see what other stars you'll meet/see.


So if I Google my name, will this page come up? Congrats on the blog, and hey, if I had more time, I could have whipped up something special for you in PS. Next time, brotha, next time...


So cool...

Robbie Quan

the blogging begins. i am excited.

Steve Marks

dave this is sweet. you are definately on my summer 'blog radar'

Antonia Afamasaga

I'm so excited for you. I heart dave. =)

Stephen Kim

cool, you're an amazing writer...hahaha


Introduce me to some celebs cuz!

kenan wang


Nati G.

it's not luck DC you are just THAT amazing!!! I'm so excited to have your posts keep me company at work all summer long!!

I must admit: a lil disappinted I wasn't a part of your photo entry... :-P


Great comment Dave. you are the best man.

Martin Brzuchowski

...and here comes the support from overseas - good old Germany!"Mach weiter so!". In a couple of years when you are a famous writer I can proudly say "I know him, even shared a bathroom and toilet with him!".


Keep up the good work!


Love your blog. It's keepin me up with the times!!!


looks like you're doing some sweet stuff, take care man


hmm.. a lot of interest here, maybe I'll stay around and see what the buzz is about. So now you've built up my expectations, you better be good.


nice pics. great writing - you are a star!


Panda Express sucks BALLS

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