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June 29, 2007


I read about the LG/Billboard Mobile Beat contest while I was at work a couple weeks ago. I skimmed over an article talking about how "about 30" concert-loving individuals were going to get the opportunity to write for Billboard this summer. Like most, I initially dismissed the idea of actually entering, let alone winning the contest.

Minutes later, my good friend Rose Ahn sent me an IM saying "This is so you!" with a link to the contest, encouraging me to give it a shot. I told her that I had already heard about the contest, but I'd think about it. Between my full-time job, personal blog, and second job that I recently took up after my car was stolen, I was definitely "swamped," not yet overwhelmed, but moderately intrigued.

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Wilco: Bank of America Pavilion, Boston MA 6.28.07

Hey everyone!  Let me start off by saying that I am SO excited to be participating in this contest.  I feel like the kid in "Almost Famous" because this is seriously a dream come true.  Anyways, I'm on my first assignment at the Wilco show in Boston tonight.  It's at the Bank of America Pavilion, which is my favorite summer concert venue because it's relatively intimate and right on the waterfront.  The $9 beers are the only downside.


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Fall Out Boy: The Pearl, Las Vegas NV 6.24.07

First and foremost, the Fall Out Boy show in Vegas will probably go down as the best show on the current Civic tour, although there's still a week left before the last stop. Though I was running on no sleep and got there 10 minutes before Fall Out Boy came on, the Pearl serves as such an intimate venue that I still found myself in the front five rows of the pit and eventually being able to push myself up to the second. The Pearl is the smallest venue on the tour and unlike other stops on the Fall Out Boy tour it did not have
all the glitz and pyro special effects - if you were lucky enough to catch them in Las Vegas you got the raw deal of four musicians simply putting on a kick ass rock show.


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June 28, 2007

Bonnarooing: Annuals Get Physical

Indie rock act Annuals might have seemed like an odd choice to appear at the jam band-friendly Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tenn., but the group won over the audience with its high-energy tunes and on-stage intensity. Below, Anna Spence and Adam Baker sharing keyboard duties, Baker hitting the drums with authority and bassist Mike Robinson getting serious.

0616071550_3 0616071551_3 0616071552_4 0616071552a_2

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