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June 29, 2007

Wilco: Bank of America Pavilion, Boston MA 6.28.07

Hey everyone!  Let me start off by saying that I am SO excited to be participating in this contest.  I feel like the kid in "Almost Famous" because this is seriously a dream come true.  Anyways, I'm on my first assignment at the Wilco show in Boston tonight.  It's at the Bank of America Pavilion, which is my favorite summer concert venue because it's relatively intimate and right on the waterfront.  The $9 beers are the only downside.


I'm writing this up live (thanks to Billboard who gave me my fancy new enV phone), and I’m just about to go into the photo pit.   I have to admit I'm a little nervous about it because I've never done this before and looking like a newbie seems unavoidable!  The opener is a 3-piece band called Low, with two guys on guitar and bass, and a woman on drums.  Their music is very rhythmic and calm, and as their set is progressing it seems to get much more intense.  It’s very ambient, like it should be played in Starbucks.  They’ve definitely set the indie rock mood to get the audience ready for Wilco.

Wilco started off slow and played a few mellow songs while I was down in the photo pit, but all 6 members picked up the pace after that.  You’ll have to forgive me for not recording the setlist, but they played a good variety of songs – some fast, some slow, some very rock-and-roll, and some a little alt-country.  They added long, intense jam sessions to many of their laid-back tunes.


The audience really got into the music, especially when the band instructed to sing the chorus to “Hummingbird,” and the entire crowd belted out a couple repetitions of “remember to remember me/standing still in your past/floating fast like a hummingbird.”  Wilco really engaged the audience, the music sounded great, it was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere, the weather was beautiful, and I had a really good time – it was the perfect summer concert and an amazing start to my series of concerts for Billboard.

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Awesome! Wilco is a great band!


I'm so excited to read more and hear about all your concerts all summer long!


WOO!!! This is a great post and I like the details of the band's music and the setting.. it really paints a picture. Keep up the good job MISSY, my 'almost famous' friendd


Sounds like an awesome thing! Good luck!

Josh S.

Yo Dave, nice post. I saw Wilco in Northampton on the 24th. Really enjoyed them as well. have to say low did not exactly do it for me, but, oh well, it was ambient. BOA Paavillion must have been a great place to see them. Gotta love the waterfront view. keep up the good work!


good post. :] wilco sounds like a pretty good band. sounds like it was a good show. nice pictures!


Fabulous job Melissa!!! Wish I had gone to the concert....can't wait for your next blogs...keep up the good work!

Stormin Norm

Awesome writeup MB!!! I almost felt like I was there on a humid Boston night groovin' with Wilco. I'm goin' out to buy their CD tonite.

I'll check out your next review. Keep up the great reviews!!!


This is basically what you were put on this earth to do. Go get em Melissa! =)


I'm so jealous of you. I will live vicariously through you and read your blogs pretending that I'm there. I love the honesty :). I'm looking forward to the next post....


Very jealous, I don't think you could have found a more fitting way to spend your time...


This is the first time I have ever heard of Wilco, but from reading this post and looking at the amazing pictures I've got a really good sense of who Wilco is and the experience that they deliver. Melissa did an swesome job with this post and I look forward to reading about her upcoming concert experiences and exposing myself to new bands. Awesome job Melissa!


Remember when we were roommates and I taught you everything you know now? Keep that in mind as you move on. I know you'll win this. You've won everything else. But think of your dear friend Lauren when Andrew McMahon comes to town. <3Lauren.


Wow this is so cool that you're doing this! Great post, too, btw. I've never heard Wilco, and I've never seen a show at the Bank of America Pavillion, and I call myself a Boston musician....
Keep up the great work, girl!


Enjoyed the post. Felt like I was there. Great job Melissa. Looking forward to your next.


sweet pic,im just getting into wilco so kinda sweet you blogged about em


hahahaha "$9 beers are the only downside..."

sounds like you had an awesome time.


Melissa!!! good luck with the contest and I hope you win!!! i'll be commenting as much as i can.


fun description! sounds like a good show! the pavilion is amazing, no matter what the band always a great show and it sounds like Wilco put on a show!


nicely done melissa. great venue, great show, great pics...and an amazing write up. Wilco is quite the artist, and you did a great job covering it.


damn girl. nice work! i freakin love Wilco. good stuff!


Great show. I was there. You covered it just right. Want to come with me to see them again?


hey sounds like this was a fun time, WILCO


never head of them but sounds like it was a good show even for someone who has never seen them!!


sounds like it was good time! nice pics! keep up the good work!

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