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July 10, 2007

7/6: High Sierra Music Festival; Quincy, CA

...And so it begins. Talk about being thrown into the lion's den. For my first post, I am going to cover the High Sierra Music festival, over the 4th of July weekend, which is centered around so much incredible music. This is the festival's 17th year of existance, and my 3rd year of attendance. Nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, this place is a perverbial shangri-la for both music and nature lovers alike. So without futher delay, lets just jump into the world of the Billboard blogosphere head first.Gershunyhighsierra1

Eugene Oregon's Reeble Jar started things off strong for me in the California sun. It is well over 100 degrees and their thick groove and layered musical textures made it feel even hotter...On to the next band...

Austrailias own Xavier Rudd brings his talented multi instrumentalist skill to the crowd, which is sending bodies moving. He plays a trance inducing digeri doo and guitar simulaniously, while singing quite passionatly about a range of thought provoking ideas.

Martin Sexton belts out some powerful vocals and guitar work on the festival main stage. He has a strong stage presence, and the audience responds in kind to his style.

Yonder Mountain String Band was a musical force to be reconed with over the first two days of the festival. After playing a raging latenight set on Thursday that went well past 5am, they owned the main stage at sunset on Friday which was a particularly inspired set.

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Matt Dressman

yes! Thanks for the updates, Jason! i was checking this page all weekend looking for your pictures and words.

man, sounds like this was a pretty epic HSMF - ive been itching to go to this festival for years.. next year, wild rhinocerouses cant keep me away from quincy.

looking forward to reading the rest of your blog!!!


Thanks Jason! Keep up the great work! See ya t Hornings Hideout ;)


Chrisi Shock

Well put Jason. Impressed that you were able to text and dance at the same time!!!


Thanks Jason! This is the next best thing to being there. Well, almost :-)

Amy C

Right on Jason! Great reviews so far... and the sun hasn't even set yet! More to come, I'm sure... can't wait.


That's pretty cool, you can report from the field. I couldn't even get cell phone reception. I really wished I could have caught the Martin Sexton set, but it was way too hot... hope you got more to report on, especially sets I missed. Thanks

Carlton W

Right On Jason. Nice photos and summary of the HSMF magic.

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