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July 12, 2007

7/11 As Tall As Lion's Summer Tour Review, Ft Lauderdale

Every music lover knows that going to a club show, is just like entering into a brand new world of music. It’s an experience like no other, its dark, smells like smoke, and your normally making friends with the people around you rather fast, because those are the people your going to spend the next few hours pressed up against. But! When the first note is played of the band you came to see, you know right there that it was all worth it!
Walking up to the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale Florida was no different. I stood in line, and watch as kids ran up as fast as they could to make sure they were right in the front to see it all. Now this show was not your normal indie rock show, no this was As Tall as Lions. If there is one band out there that can pick a very vast collection of opening acts it would be them. Four bands -- As Tall as Lions, The Snake the Cross the Crown, Casino, Band Marino-- took the stage this night, 3 were incredible, different, and really blew my mind. As for that last one well they were just average, but we will get more into that in just a bit.Astallaslionsa

The first band to take the stage of the As Tall As Lions tour was band that not a single person in the club knew called The Snake The Cross The Crown. I’ve have seen many shows in my days, and normally when a band comes on that not a single person knows they just stand there nodding there heads wondering when is this going to be over. This was not the case for The Snake The Cross The Crown, just about everyone had sort of a groove to them, as they nodded, swayed, and started to dance to the music being played. The best way to describe this band’s music is a majestic groove of rhythm, mixed with really deep lyrics, and folk melodies. This band would be the music in the background while your relaxing on the couch, not really doing anything but staring up at the ceiling just thinking.

Just as fast as they got on, they were soon off, and the next band Casino took the stage. Now early I said 4 bands took the stage this night, 1 one of them was just average, Casino was that average band. If indie rock had checklist of things you need, to be considers cool in the indie world this band stuck too to every dot of the I’s on that list. The music was just plain boring, they didn’t do anything different, or revolutionary and after hearing the better of the two openers The Snake The Cross The Crown you really just wonder why you’re sitting though this. If you heard any really bland indie band, then you heard Casino.

The next band on was probably one of the craziest to watch, Band Marino. To nail Band Marino on the head would have to compare them to Flogging Molly, just an American version, of the band. There was no drinking songs being sung, and when this band started to jam, they rocked the whole club. A really nice touch was the banjo player, who also played the yukalaylee. The songs were really catchy, and they would brake into a jam session after a few songs every now and then. One of the strangest thing about Band Marino, is they came out wearing White Warrior Paint, as if they were in an Indian tribe going to war. They played the longest set of all three opening acts, and were one of the most entertaining of the three.

3 opening acts down, and it was time for the headliner. People came back to the stage after going to the bathroom, going to the merch, or just hanging by the bar to watch the band they all came to see.
As Tall As Lions didn’t waste any time getting on, as most headlining acts like to do to build suspense. In fact the second Band Marino’s gear was off the stage, As Tall As Lions stepped up to start there set. As soon as the first note of the song of the song Stab City was played everyone was in an uproar. Screaming, and singing a long to the first track on their cd, which happened to be the opening song. As the song came to a close the applause was so loud it could shake the roof tiles right off. The keyboard player of As Tall As Lions also played the trumpet in some of the songs to add one of the greatest effects to bands live set. The bass played of the bands also picked up, and played the slay bells as well.
Its not every day you see a live, and can be wowed. It’s even more rare to say that such such band sounds better live than their cd. As tall As Lions is one of those rare cases. When they played Love, Love, Love and Ghost of New York back to back, its sounded better right at that moment live, then it did on the cd I had playing in my car on my way to the concert.
I would recommend anyone who has the chance too, and who is a fan of indie rock, or just good music in general to get out there and check out this band, and this tour. I also recommend if you already have the As Tall As Lions cd, to go and pick up the The Snake The Cross The Crown, and Band Marino’s new cd’s.

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Great review, you made me feel like I was there with you-I wish!

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