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July 09, 2007

Blues Traveler / Humphreys Concerts in San Diego /7/8/07

It was the end of the July 4th week, and Blues Traveler stopped by San Diego after their traditional July 4th Red Rocks show. This was the first time that I had seen them play at Humphreys, and I was not sure what to expect. The venue has a real problem with people dancing in their seats. I have heard a lot of "Please sit down" while at shows there, and this was no different. The problem with this, is that the energy level never grows and it affects some of the performances. 0708072135

Let me start at the beginning, opening the show for Blues Traveler was a San diego native Samantha Stollenwerck, and she was great. A short 40 minute set showed an impressive range and the quick little stories of her sneaking into the same venue she was now playing at were very amusing.

A little side note, I have been a big Blues Traveler fan since the first album came out while I was in college and to see them and photograph them is always a blast for me. The problem with photographing them with a cell phone camera is that the Kinchla brothers MOVE AROUND A LOT. I mean these guys never stop moving at all.



Blues Traveler is putting the finishing touches on a "new" album of older songs reworked with new arraignments, and the ones they played last night sounded good. But the highlight of the show for me was when Samantha Stollenwerck came out and joined BT for a kick ass version of Steve Millers "The Joker" with a sampling of other songs in the middle including Tom Pettys "Don't Come Around Here No More".

Blues Traveler lost their bass player, Bobby Sheehan in 1999. He will never be replaced, but this bass duties were taken over by Tad Kinchla in November of 1999. With the Kinchla brothers on guitar and bass, they bookend the stage with Ben Wilson on keys, John Popper on vocals and harmonicas and Brendan Hill on drums rounding out Blues Traveler.
Blues Traveler now head for Saratoga, CA. for a show with the Neville Brothers, and then they start to cross back to the East Coast. Their full tousr schedule can be found HERE

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The shots look pretty darn good for a phone Alan and I wonder how Humphreys willhandle Ratdog/Keller Williams in regards to the dancing?

I have not seen Blues Traveller since they opened for the Allmans on the then fairly new convention center roof many moons ago....Popper looks good!


I still can't believe it's a phone camera.
Nice shot .
I can't wait to bring some energy to Humphrey's in just a few weeks!


Great shots!
Nice review as well.
cant wait to see whats next~

Butch Worrell

Nice shots again!!!

Can't wait for Ratdog there July 27!!!


GREAT shots and nice write-up about the show. I agree, "The Joker" kicked ass!!!


Very nice. You take better shots with a cell phone than most with regular gear!


That beats my $3:99 Wally wporld special!!!!

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