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July 20, 2007

Bob Dylan Red Rocks , Morrison Colorado July 19 , 2007

Bob Dylan , returned to Red Rocks last night for the first time in 20 years for a 2 night run at the world famous venue. Opening for Dylan was My Morning Jacket , who in my opinion stole the show. MMJ brought a mix of vital energy , and fierce guitar. It was great to see Dylan playing at Red Rocks , but at the same time. I left feeling disappointed. I think he has written some great songs and helped change a generation. However , I feel he is the "Ozzy" of my parents generation. He was once vital and and even a sopkesman for his generation , now he is a munbleing, bumbleing over the hill grumpy old man , hardly a rockstar , who should have gone out while still at the top of his game. He seems almost hostile to his fans and you can almost feel that he doesn't want to be there. Which begs the question WHY? Sure I am bitter becuase he doesn't allow photographs , but I would be much more so if I still thought he brought the energy he once had.0719072114

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I hear ya man, grumpy old farts suck!! ;) Glad I didn't go.... never been a huge fan anyway. At least you got one shot!! He looks better in this picture than he did in the Victoria's Secret commercial ;)


Ba ba duh bah duh. At least I got pepperoni on my pizza.


How does it feel... to pay out the ass to see an old dried up guy mumble shit about something that doesn't have any meaning anymore? Nice cowboy hat though. Hey, at least you can say you saw Dylan at Red Rocks.

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