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July 30, 2007

Bob Weir & RatDog / Keller Williams / San Diego 7/27/07

Friday afternoon in San Diego and once again the weather is perfect. The sun is shining and the Humphreys is SOLD OUT. Not a seat left in the House. Keller Williams takes the stage to little fanfare, Honestly, I think that because the show started at 6pm and there was no way to lower the house lights, some people didn't know that Keller had started. 0727071842a

Keller did a great set, and by the time Bob Weir came out and joined him on stage the seats were full. Bobby sat in with Keller on "Jack-A-Roe" and "Wake Up Little Suzie" After the two songs together, they left the stage to let the crew set up for Bob Weir and RatDog. After a half hour break, The band took the stage.



and while the firm 10:30 curfew made the band cut the 2nd Darkstar form the setlist, it was still a hell of a show.
I: Jam > Tomorrow Never Knows > Playin in the Band > Jus' Like Mama Said > Dark Star > Book of Rules > Odessa > Dark Star Jam > Deal
II: El Paso@, Mexicali Blues@, West L.A. Fadeaway* > Ashes and Glass* > Stuff* > Black Peter+ > Touch of Grey
E: Johnny B. Goode*
Show with Steve Kimock (Guitar); *-with Bobby Cochran (Guitar); +-with Keller Williams (Guitar/Vocals); Mark was absent; Stuff - Kenny/Jay/Robin/Steve/Cochran;


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Butch Worrel

Best phone photos yet!!!!!!!!
And I enjoy the story as well!!!

Jenna Bowles

I thought you might want to check out a short documentary about Alembic Guitars on The Futures Channel. The Grateful Dead were big fans of these guitars. It's very cool as it provides a behind-the-scenes look into how these unique instruments are built.

Here's a link that will take you right to the movie:

Sorry to leave this as a comment. I couldn't figure out how else to contact you.

My best,


Best RATDOG show I have ever seen, thanks for the recap and the photos.


Fantastic pix & a great show.
Wish my cell phone pix came out that clear!




That place was beautiful. Just like your pictures! You have a great eye for the perfect shot! I also like that you got the setlist!


Thay also cut out the playin reprise!!!


the set list is awesome!


Best show I've seen at Humphrey's in a long, long time. Also best pic's from a camera phone I've seen Ever!

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ed hardy

Friday afternoon in San Diego and once again the weather is perfect.

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