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July 25, 2007

Bob Weir & Ratdog/Keller Williams 7/24/07 Red Rocks Morrison CO

Last night Bob Weir and Rat dog performed at Red Rocks. Keller Willams opened the show; his mix of loops, harmonies and overdubs have a great sound. He gets better each time I see him. Bob Weir joined him for a couple of songs at the end of his set. Deadheads flocked from the near by mountain towns to catch a "Bobby" play classic dead tunes. Rat Dog sounded the best they had in years. They opened with Shakedown Street. My heart was elsewhere, so I decided to leave early. I just wasn't up for the 3 hour set that Rat Dog was planning to play. It was a beautiful night at Red Rocks, but I just wasn't up for it last night I guess I didn't have the right dance partner.




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Great Photos Soren!!


The Keller and monolith photos ROCK!!! :) I hear ya, sometimes it's just not that much fun to be at a concert alone... Let's hear more about the Rocks!!! :)

Paul Heling

Not bad for a cellphone pic Soren. Any night at Red Rocks is a good night no matter how it's captured.


Yeah.... I hear you about the situation. Kinda funny when I think about you on stage with that gizmo! Not hard to believe your heart wasn't really into it..... Ha.... that's what you get for trying... huh... !

Cheers Soren,



I like the photo of the rock. Nice work.


i never thought i would ever approve photopasses for mobile phone photos :) nice work, though, Soren!


Nice camera phone work! I didn't know you could get shots in low light that good with them. The shot with the rock can almost give you a contact high...


Soren- you are damn good with that LG...I am impressed!

David - Detroit

Soren not up for a night out - say it isn't so! Keep us smiling.



Great Pictures. Especially with a camera phone! Keep up your spectacular work.

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