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July 19, 2007

Bowling for Soup w/ Melee @ TLA in Philly, 7/16

I caught great shots of BOWLING FOR SOUP and MELEE on my wonderful enV by LG as each band rocked a packed room at the The Fillmore, Theater of Living Arts (TLA).  Both bands expressed their awe in seeing so many of their fans, Melee even crowning PHILLY as their best crowd yet!  Bowling for Soup were truly entertaining (especially with moments like their 'big Emo breakdown').  Melee gave fans songs like 'Built to Last,' which the band categorizes as their 'love songs' (the other group are their 'not love songs').  Bowling for Soup kept the energy up straight through, and you can see that in my snapshotz from tha show.  Check 'em out and leave your comments!  So much more to come from my way...stay tuned!


'the fabulous' BOWLING FOR SOUP:









/\ I call him 'the random guy on stage reading the paper' /\


/\ As you can see, he had plenty of tricks up his sleeve tonight lol /\



The rock/pop/soul outfit connected with fans after their performance at Philly's TLA, some who traveled hours to see them.  I gave the boys their props and instead of 'cheese,' asked them to say 'Billboard!'  They didn't hesitate...cool guys.




Melee showed that they are a mature and wistful breed in today's music landscape for their genre.  Tonight, the group brought their new album 'Devils and Angels' to life onstage and the relatability of their feel-good songs made it a good time for fans and newbies alike.  Frontman Chris Cron split his time between tickling the keys and rocking it upright, guitar in hand, and did it nicely.  Even when playing his piano, his vocals and mannerisms exuded emotion.  Ultimately, Melee's performance was full of raw emotion, strong vocals, and great stage presence.

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i'm so jealous!!!!


whoa these pics are sick!! I seriously woulda thought you were like a pro.


Cool pics! It looks like you really got up close and personal. I've been at the TLA and sometimes it's tough to capture the feel of the evening, but I think you did it! :-)


Was that guy really reading the paper on stage what kind of... never mind.

ManDa gUrL

That concert seemed like it was full of excitement and cuties... to bad i missed it.


I was there!!!
Amazing show!
I love all 4 of these bands


omg im in one of these pics!! im the girl in the white and black striped sleeves =)
that just made my day.
thanks!!! =)

Jon Pierre

lol ur funny... making people's day is what I do best lol. wow these pics I took were pretty good... I think this was only my second show review for Billboard

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