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July 31, 2007

Brett Dennen @ The Box - New York 7/29

I headed down to The Box to check out Brett Dennen on the 25th. I was a little shocked when I got there and found this sign staring at me at the entrance.


I was able to find a nice spot on the left side of the house but I still wasn’t sure whether or not photos were allowed. So, I apologize for the blurry photos. The photos may not say much but the show itself was great. I had an awesome time there. He has a really unique voice and is extremely talented and engaging.


I looked around me and a lot of the crowd sang along to his songs. A couple standing to my right were sort of swaying in unison to his music. Another thing that stood out for me besides his voice was watching him while he played the guitar. You could tell he was really passionate about the music, he would get really into the notes he was playing.


The highlight of the evening was when he sang The One Who Loves You The Most. Halfway through the song, he asked if the audience wanted to sing. Everyone replied with an enthusiastic ‘YES!” Dennen proceeded to ask the lighting folks to raise the house lights. I guess they couldn’t for some reason so instead they turned some of the stage lights on to the crowd. Then Dennen started singing “woos” and “wowwws” and the crowd sang in unison (and in key!). It was quite entertaining seeing all those people singing and Dennen was clearly enjoying himself as well.


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rules were meant to be broken :)
he has an interesting voice, i feel like i've heard his voice somewhere, maybe on grey's anatomy or something?

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