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July 19, 2007

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons - House of Blues - San Diego - 7/18/07

The 80's are back, or at least they were back last night in San Diego. Dale Bozzio doesn't wear the plastic bra and she doesn't use as much hairspray as she did back then, but the voice is strong and the crowd knows all the words.


Formed by members of Frank Zappas band, Missing Persons came onto the scene in 1980 and front woman Dale Bozzio was perfect for the new music video era. A former model with bright multicolored hair and skimpy outfits has mellowed now, but the fans came to hear the hits and they did.
While the show started out a little slow, with Dale hanging back close to the drums, or behind her bass player, it took till the third song, "Words" for her to come out of her shell.


One of the easiest ways to tell that its a 80s band is the presence of a keyboard. Ronnie Poster has been playing keyboards for Dale for many years and is the the most consistent member of her band.


Between songs, Dale spoke out to the enthusiastic crowd, telling stories and even giving away a couple of bracelets to fans in the front row. The show ended with the probably the biggest hit, "Destination Unknown". The audience singing along with every word. Even at 52, Dale Bozzio still has the voice of that wild haired young woman from the 80s.



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gotta love the 80's...sweet pics as usual


Great shots!


Great shors, its been years since I have seen Dale!!! Nice work Alan for a cell phone!!!


Dale is awesome. She's still got it. Remember M.P. once had a number one album globally! Yet Dale is still a very gracious human being. Gave me a great big hug after the show. I can die a happy man now!!

Jerry Roskin

Great Job! I miss the 80's :) Some truly unique and amazing shots. I really like the effect of the last one and the clearity of some of the band shots.


Great shots Alan. Love the last one.


that last one is sweet! great shots all around, love the distance you had for these...close but not too close, kind of a neat perspective...


My only sadness is that I wasn't in San Diego to see this. I remember to this day when I saw the original Missing Persons band (many, many moons ago) perform at, of all places, the auditorium at Berkeley High School - I'm not kidding.

It was a phenomenal performance.

Over the years I've wondered what became of them, and what Dale might be up to in current times.

She and the M.P. band were way ahead of their time, and the music that these folks created was one of the most interesting pieces of the puzzle that make up the mosaic that was the 80s.

I'm glad I saw them when I did, and many thanks for this entry to the blog

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