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July 11, 2007

Days Away @ Chicago, IL The Beat Kitchen 7/10

out of all the shows this summer, this show was probably one of the most i'd been looking foward to. not only because i haven't seen the guys in about a year, but because days away is probably one of my most favorite bands. knowing they were coming through chicago, i called the bassist, chrisky, and had him hook me up for the show. after that was settled i headed on over the show and got there just before they were on. they opened up their set with a new song. it got the crowds interest and everyone from the back started to move up a little. after that, they started playing some of their stuff off their last full length cd, "Mapping An Invisable World". keith was singing everything spot on and the backup vocals were sounding just as good. something fun and exciting to watch was their newest guitar player, jake. during their set he would just start jamming out to their old songs, mixing it up a little and adding a little flavor to songs that are already amazing. the high point of their set, and every set days away plays, was when they played the song "T. Kline's Decline". if you have not heard this song before, STOP READING AND DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! this song is a 6 minute epic, in my eyes (even though they are a little small).

during their set when they usually play this, they break out into a 2-3 minute jam session where every just vibes off each other, and this time was no different. just watching this band i can tell that they have great chemistry together and that they are true musicians playing with each other, having a good time. the only downfall of their set was their closer. when bands close, they need to close on a high note, making the fans want more, but days away ended their set with a new song. by doing this, no one knew how the song went and no one wants more of something they are not familar with. with that being said, there is not enough good things you can say about this band. their full length cd is a cd i listen to fully on a weekly basis, still, after 2 years. they also have earned my respect for being able to still record and tour on their own money, after leaving their record label, fueled by ramen. i am very excited for days away's future, with a self-released EP coming out soon and more tours on the way, they can only go up from here.






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