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July 19, 2007

Days Away: The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA 7.18.07

Being dropped by your label may not be the best way to start a year, but Pennsylvania band Days Away have shown that the music they make is not affected by who releases it. 


Once part of the roster of Fueled By Ramen records (former indie home to Fall Out Boy and current home to “scene superstars” Panic! At the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, and Paramore), Days Away seem better off from the pop-punk label. 


Taking the stage to a handful of hardcore fans at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, they jammed, rocked, out, and brought a live sound that isn’t too common with the other bands they’ve toured with over the course of their career. Depth.  The influences in their music are countless.

Most of the tracks played were from their sole full length Mapping An Invisible World.  This included tracks like The Police-esque “It’s Not Over” and “T.Kline’s Decline”.  The latter is an epic album closing track that starts off mellow, but underlined with a fast jungle/dance drum breakbeat underneath.  Songs like “Stay the Same” are complimented with an ambient/experimental underlying guitar riff, making it different from the usual slow rock tune.



Drummer Tim Arnold is phenomenal in his drum parts, mixing jazz and electronic-like beats, accenting them with a piccolo snare drum along with his regular snare.  Guitarist Jake Weiss is responsible for many of the great riffs that capture the audience and drifts them away to a different world of music.  Bassist Chris Frangicetto brings big, fat, soulful bass lines and is so into his the music that his head bobbing makes you want to join in with his smooth playing.  Not to mention he is also seen regularly wearing a cap, much like his brother Colin (guitarist of Circa Survive).  Keyboardist Bryan Gulla adds to the mix with great piano and light synthesizer parts and even doing double duty playing guitar on a song.  Finally, lead singer and guitarist Keith Goodwin completes the package with his vocals that go from soft to strong without being aggressive. He also bares a striking resemblance to this week's Billboard cover boy James Blunt...


Lead singer Goodwin seemed to be tied down to his guitar at times when he clearly wanted to interact more and get lost in the music during their set.  He’d begin unwrapping the mic from the stand and walking forward while singing, but seconds later would have to put it back to continue playing his guitar.  Perhaps they should go the route of This Providence (ironically, another FBR band)? They took on board an extra guitar player and the lead singer was given a chance to roam more freely and interact.



As I am not familiar with all their songs, I don’t have a full setlist, nor do I know how many songs were new. They are set to release an album before the end of the year called Ear Candy for Headphone Trippers, and will be self-released. 

The band’s sound expands beyond any scene and their performances are definitely something to see live, especially their drumming. This is a band that surely does not need to be fueled by ramen, because their music will bring them much farther, and hopefully that moment is only days away.

(sidenote: Upon researching this band, I discovered their strong connection to two of my favorite bands, Saosin and Circa Survive.  Bassist Chris Frangicetto is brother of Circa Survive guitarist Colin Frangicetto and lead singer Keith Goodwin is responsible for introducing Beau Burchell to Anthony Green who would go on to form Saosin.  Green would later leave Saosin and form Circa Survive.  Freaaaaky.)

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Another well written review. You were born for this.


I was there and it was glorious!!!

Days Away are amazing


Days Away is a talent band


Days Away is outstanding and amazing to see live! Everyone should see them!!!


Days Away is a stellar band; one I feel will soon become recognized by the masses (bad for this glorious secret, great for them). It's worth it for everyone to look into them.

grateful SPK illinois

These guys not only play great music, but ar every interactive, too. One of the things you miss most about bands that have "made it" is that they always forget to interact with fans other than from the stage, and I can easily say these guys have a great way to talk with the people that are at the shows. I, too, hope they make it to whatever they aspire because I think they are the real deal.


The best part is the end in Parenthesis. I saw them at The Alley and plan on always going when they come to town. Feaking amazing.



I'll see Days Away every time they're in LA. What a fun live performance! The band's got a great sound and interesting lyrics.


Not only are these guys so good, they are also awesome people. Get to know them and they will go above and beyond what is expected of any band. They stuck to their roots still hanging out with their friends from high school and also want to keep ties with their original community. I hope they get their big break soon!


I've been a fan of days away since the day keith let me listen to there first ep (The Feel of It EP)...The band has grown so much from then til now...And keith used to just sing (and the singer of Like Lions played guitar) but then Keith took over guitar....These dudes have been a band for so long and everytime they release a new cd or song its even better then the last. I can't wait to hear the new album


Awesome band. They should be picked up and pushed heavily. Great live act. Refreshing evolution of the same old sound.


Excellent review for someone who isn't familiar with the band's repertoire. Days Away has some great songs and I'm hoping to get more of their albums soon. Thanks for the extra tidbit at the end...freeeeeeaky indeed!

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