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July 13, 2007

DJ Dolores & Aparelhagem - S.O.Bs, New York - 7/12/2007

Yesterday, I caught DJ Dolores & Aparelhagem at S.O.Bs in New York.  They have a really unique sound, mixing synthesizers and breakbeats with live instrumental music.  This included acoustic guitars, electric guitars, percussion, and keyboards.


I enjoyed the music as it incorporated a number of different musical elements. They had some technical issues with the sound and the night was cut short due to these problems.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a full show sometime in the future. 


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what a waste! you'd think that since they are rarely in the U.S. they'd have equipment that actually worked! i have no idea who these guys are, from your description, i'd think i'd be dancing up a storm


Thats got to be a huge bummer for the technical problems,
I guess thats the higher risk of a more "interesting set up"??!? hmm..
I'm still interested to check them out though after your notes about
their "unique elements"

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