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July 11, 2007

Do you like mayhem?! Old Springs Pike @ Joe's Pub - 7/9/2007 New York, NY

I spent the last 11 days in sunny California but I was eager to get back to enjoy summertime in New York.  I actually arrived at JFK at 6am on Monday morning, a red-eye back ala JetBlue.  I spent all day at work and wasn't sure if my body could handle an 11:30pm show.  Luckily, I was able to squeeze in quick nap before I headed down to Joe's Pub.  I have to say, Joe's Pub is one of my favorite places in the city.  It has a small, intimate feel and the "worst seat" in the house isn't half bad.  I was really excited to see Old Springs Pike, not only because I've been hearing great things about their music/shows but because they're all from one of my many former residences, Delaware/Pennsylvania (yeah tax-free shopping!).


Old Springs Pike is made up of James Cleare, Heather Robb, James Smith and John Gallagher, Jr.  Their website says their act is not just a concert, but an event.  I can't even begin to describe the show.  They had a unique setup – the mics were lined up in a straight line at the front of the stage.  James Cleare was on the far left, rocking out on his guitar and harmonica.  Heather was next on the keyboard/pianica/water bottles. Who knew empty plastic bottles could add so much to a song!?  Also, props to her for rocking out on the pianica – reminded me of the pink pianica I used to have way back in the day. James Smith had the drums setup in front of him.  It was really interesting to watch him play them standing.  He also played the harmonica on one of the songs and guitar on another.  John Gallagher, Jr. was on the far right and also played the guitar.  He used the body of his guitar to carry the beat on a few songs as well.  It was one of the most entertaining shows I've ever been to.  EVER!  These guys (and gal) are insanely talented.  Their four-part harmonies blended into what I can only describe as a country-folk-rock-pop sound.   They had some hilarious stories in between songs – praying mantis anyone?  The music was great and there was so much energy on the stage.  I think they were feeding off the audience's energy and vice versa.  By the end of the show, the house was going crazy.  Everyone was on their feet and the band came out for a much deserved encore.  After almost knocking over the mics, they closed the show and invited everyone to their show next month at the Zipper Theater.  Looking forward to catching them again next month. If you're in the area, check them out!

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=) keep on rockin em! spoon got rained out i think...


geez thats hardcore, taking a redeye (jetlag is a b@tch! here this should help http://www.bodyclock.com/vidavsol.jpg) haha.
and then hitting up an old springs pike "event", praying mantis what?

love the rocker spirit!


Joe's Pub has also been one of my favorites for years! It must be the combination of the music coming alive and the stench of a certain I-don't-know-what. =p


moritz! john gallagher!! i want to see this band b/c he's so fricking AWESOME!

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