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July 23, 2007

Global Dance Pre-Party 7.21.07 Denver

As I am driving to Denver for a pre-party for the Global Dance Party in Denver, I pass a bank. The tempurature on the clock reads 100 Degrees. I think to myself, "What the F am I doing? I should be in the Mountains camping with the most beautiful girl in the world." But such is the life of a Rock and Roll photographer. I have a couple gigs to cover tonight, first the pre-party, then the Global Dance event and then Cary Brothers at the Soiled Dove.
I arrive at the rooftop party, and DJ Backwards K offers me a beer and some food from the grill. He is manning the turntables and hosting the party, doing both flawlessly.

It is a good start to the evening listening to some chill tunes , right downtown with some cheap beer and a burger. I know that the night is going to be a long one and it is better to ease into it , that go balls to the walls from the get go. I sit done with DJ Backswards K , he offers me a limo ride to the show , but I am unable to accept becuase of prior obligations. I grab an other beer and listen to DJ Shea Delany , who takes over while Backwards K is taking care of the party. 0721071622


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Bakwords K

Simply one of the most fantastic weekends of our wonderful lives!!



Yeah, 100 degrees. It is getting too hot too often, but you're cool at least.

It was good to hang with you yesterday.

Denise T

I can't believe how sharp this camera phone is...
Great Photos!
Denise T


Nice dude... who is this most beautiful girl in the world? ;) Lucky guy :) Let's see the dance party!!!




sounds like a great night. you're really doing well, such an inspiration. i miss it all. these boys are beautiful, even on a camera phone. :)

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