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July 27, 2007

Hanson: Avalon, Boston MA 7.21.07

I’ll never say no to a concert, but I was a little hesitant about going to the Hanson show I was assigned to this past weekend. Sure, I owned the “Middle of Nowhere” CD back in elementary school like everyone else, but it’s not exactly something I’d be proud of putting on my iPod. I had heard some of the group’s more recent music, and although I have to admit that it wasn’t bad, I was more hesitant about being among the people who would actually go to a Hanson concert than about hearing their music. All I could picture was the same room of crazy, screaming girls I was always a part of during my regrettable boyband years, and it was a frightening thought now that I’ve entered the laid-back realm of indie rock fandom. When I arrived at Avalon, there they were. And the point at which I was completely terrified came right after I got up to the press pit – when I saw a girl in the front row with a real license plate that said “MMMBOP.”


I got to the venue towards the end of the opening act, Keaton Simons. His voice and his music had a bluesy sound reminiscent of Ben Harper’s, except with a bit more of a rock vibe. The crowd’s screaming commenced when it was finally time for the Hanson brothers to take the stage, with Taylor on piano, Isaac on guitar, Zac on drums, and a guitarist/keyboardist and bassist backing them up. One of the first few songs they played was one of my favorites – “Crazy Beautiful.” Despite the apparent cheesiness of the title and resulting chorus, it’s a really catchy pop song that you just can’t help but sing along to.



After I got out of the press pit, I stood next to the stage to avoid being mistaken for a teeny. And then I happened to find an all-access pass. I’m sure I could have scalped to a crazy fan for a decent amount of money, but I slapped the extra pass on and took advantage of it by standing ON the stage for the rest of the show. I’ve never had the chance to see a show from this perspective before, but it was actually really amazing. People kept walking on and off the stage, sometimes with small blonde kids, so I assume some of these people were their wives and children (they’re all married; sorry girls).


About halfway into their set, they began a collection of acoustic songs that began with a new slow song called “The Walk,” which featured Zac singing and playing piano solo. The rest of the band came back out, with Zac on bongos instead of on a full drum set, and played “Strong Enough to Break,” “Yearbook,” and, yes… “MMMBop.” The reaction was predictable. I felt like I was at the 8th grade dance during the ballad “Go,” Taylor played harmonica and piano on he upbeat “If Only,” and the set continued with songs like “Running Man,” “Georgia,” “Penny and Me,” “Something Going Round,” and a song “with a little Boston history to it” – “Lost Without Each Other,” the video of which was filmed in Boston. The encore began with a bluesy cover of Elvis Presley’s “Never Been to Spain,” which showcased all three members on lead vocals, and the show ended with “Watch Over Me.” Zac jumped down into the front row when the band was leaving the stage, and chaos ensued.

Hanson definitely has a strong fan base, which, to me, was somewhat unexpected; however, after seeing them live, it’s completely understandable. The band interacted with the audience throughout the whole show, made it obvious that they were so happy to be performing here, and were full of energy.  They showed the fans that their appreciation by playing for about 2 hours, which doesn’t happen very often in today’s world of pop music concerts. And they were definitely on top of their game with their vocal harmonies. So, there it is – I went to a Hanson concert and enjoyed it.

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I was at this show! It was great. Thanks for capturing it!


Great review! I too was at this show and amazing that you got to stand on the stage for the show that is totally awesome! There were stupid kids (one of whom threw Taylor that scarf at the end) that were standing right in front me and I missed the whole end of the show *shakes fist*


I can't believe how well you can write! The fact that you got to see Hanson is out of control. I hope those boys are as hot as their MMMBop days - looks like they are. Awesome.


Great review! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert so much--- that's awesome that you found an all-access pass, too.


Been on vacation without internet access. I was surprised to see how many concerts you've covered. Great reviews! Enjoyed reading them. And yes, somewhere in the back of a drawer, we have a Hanson CD too.


I am ashamed to admit I have the origanal CD. But sounds like it was crazy and you had a good time! love reading these blogs there fun!


ahhh hanson so reminds me of 6th grade. you have actully helped me to gain some respect for the mmmboppers or whatever that song was :)


MMMBop, ba dubi dop ba do bop,
Ba dubi dop ba do bop,
Sha dup diabadop YEAH A YEAHHHHH!!!

Reading you're review actually prompted me to go look up the song on youtube and relive my childhood, screwing up the chorus and all!. Great review! I do believe you captured the essence of Hanson, and proved that they are not yet beyond their glory days. I LOVE the pictures, especially the VIP ones, how cool! Awesome job overall, and im glad i can actually attend a Hanson concert vicariously through you! : )


I remember a drive to the beach we took years ago and happened to get lost and found the "Middle of Nowhere" CD in my car, which we proceeded to listen to while finding our way to the beach. While I never would have expected myself to ever want to attend a Hanson concert, this post makes me curious. You really brought this concert to life and made me actually want to go to a Hanson concert to experience it. While being surrounded by crazed girls isn't exactly attractive, the overall concert seemed to have been a blast. Also, though I can't say I'm totally surprised since you ARE Melissa, I can't believe you found the pass and got to watch on stage. Amazing. You are an amazing writer and I can't wait to read about your future concerts. PS - Any way you can attend an Aaron Carter concert??


i looooovvvvvvveeeee hanson after i saw them at northeastern and they gave out their new cd. i'm not ashamed to say it. and i'm jealous u went!! hot pictures.


Great review. I've always loved Hanson!


Hanson is still around? Crazy!! Nice to know they still have a following!!


Amazing pictures once again! You never let down! Sounds like a it was a good time!! VIP!!


cant say im a hanson fan but those are some great pictures!!!


HANSON!? hahaha old school!!!! but good pics and review!!


cant say I am a Hanson fan, but sweet pictures!!


WOW Hanson still exists.


WOW Hanson still exists.


mmmbop? Havent heard from them in a long time.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BOP


dip a dop a ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BOP


why are people singing in here!! Not a fan but awesome blog and AMAZING PICTURES


Glad to hear Hanson lives......


Not a big Hanson fan but sounds like it was a fun concert.

Casey - MMMBOP New York

I was at that concert. I'm the one with the MMMBOP license plate.

Just wondering why would you be terrified that my license plate is MMMBOP???

I liked the pics and everthing. :)

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