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July 03, 2007

Honda Civic Tour 7/1/07 @ Coors Amph., San Diego

As someone who has seen the Honda Civic Tour three times now, I often get asked "Are you sick of it yet?" and the answer is most definitely "No, I'm not." The thing about the current Honda Civic Tour is that no matter how many times you see these bands, it still feels like the very first. I never once got the impression that these bands are bored or even tired as the tour comes to an end, and that is a sign of great musicianship.


The stop in San Diego was the tour's second to last show. Cobra Starship had the shows first slot and the party begun. The thing about Cobra Starship is that you don't have to know their music at all - they still make you want to jump around and dance. Lead singer Gabe Saporta has mass sex appeal that made the girls squeal and scream every time he moved his hips to the beat and don't worry boys - Vicky-T, who recently did a hot photo shoot for Maxim, gave the boys some eye candy as she danced and played her key-tar on stage. If you had to describe Cobra Starship in one word it would most definitely have to be "energy." If there was a way to get a membership to Gabe Saporta's school of rocking out, I'd so be the first in line to learn from that pro.


The Academy Is went on later that night. The size of their fan base constantly astonishes me because of how much it has grown in the past few years. I still remember when this band was super small and here they are performing at large amphitheaters and stadiums. Lead singer William Beckett has this certain strut to him when he's performing that is both fun and serious. He constantly tries to keep the fans involved in the show, getting them to sing along, clap or cheer. When their newest album "Santi" came out, I attended a live performance by them on Jimmy Kimmel and to be completely honest - it wasn't that great. However, the San Diego show really made me realize how much they've grown even in the past few months as performers. They are better at their instruments, Beckett's vocals have improved and all around they are much better at performing in general.


When Fall Out Boy came on stage, the crowd absolutely erupted. Though I've seen the show twice before, every time it happens I'm absolutely amazed. Once again the show went off without a hitch with the boys coming onstage performing "Thriller." The only downside to the show for repeat offenders like myself is that the set list never changes and it would be super nice if they changed it up a little knowing that many of their fans, like myself, will be seeing the show multiple times.


The boys were coming off a fun day - one hundred members of their fan club got to spend the day at the zoo with the boys, feeding giraffes and camels and getting a private tour. Bassist Pete Wentz made a comment about how it was great to see the same kids in the front that he spent the day with. The crowd itself was a little on the rowdy side compared to previous shows; a friend of mine who is a veteran of being on the barricade and most Fall Out Boy shows she attends came back to the hotel with both her shoulders and back bruised and swollen. Before playing their last song "Saturday" Wentz told everyone who was in the seats "Come down to the pit, it's the last song - they can't stop you if you call come!" setting off a wave of fans running from the stands into the pit and yes, it was true, security could not stop the barrage of fans running for the pit.


Once again, the crowd was showered with confetti and for some reason, it seemed like three times the amount of confetti used at the other two shows I've been to. Though the show didn't top the show they put on in Las Vegas - it was still quite amazing and I absolutely cannot wait for the last show of their tour in Anaheim tonight.


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I went to the show and it was awesome, and this was a great review. The photos are really damned professional!


That review was AWESOME Frances!


I love your whole Cobra review. It's so accurate to what that band brings to the show, as well as your unchanging FOB set.


Great review!


Great review!


I really love your reviews because of all the personal experience you bring to it; it gives us readers a really cool insight. I LOVE that picture of Gabe and of William Beckett - and yes, the one of Joe Trohman's crotch, too. Thanks for posting these!


You make me wish I could be there, but at least I can read your review and know I missed a killer show!


your reviews are amazing!!! keep up the fantastic job!


Fantastic review! you make me wish i could've gone. i can't get over what great pics you take! awesome. keep up the good work, frances!

Spencer J

i absolutely LOVE the lights for Fall Out Boy that say "FOB" and the photo of them is amazing!

this is an awesome review, possibly my fave of them all!


great review! awesome job!!!

Robert Scott

Excellent pics and a brilliant review.

Robert Scott

Excellent pics and a brilliant review.

Death Is My Gift

I can't even pick a favorite picture, they are all amazing.

That's cool about the zoo. Lucky fans! and lucky you!!


mmmm gabe


awesome review! you're so lucky!


Hahah, I love the pic of JoeTroh. Sounds like a really fun time, the pictures really convey that!


Outstanding review!


great review, these pictures are amazing!

Krysten K.

Ok, so basically,that first picture is hella amazing!! He's TOTALLY posing for the camera...or maybe even for the person holding the camera....hmmmm.
Incredible review and shots of the show!!


Another fabulous review and the pictures are absolutely amazing. Looks like Gabe was totally posing for you!! Love the FOB pic as well!


the pictures came out amazingly!


awesome! great pics and review


oh my god! i went to the one on the 2nd at the honda center and it was the best time of my life! especially since it was my first real big concert. it sucks that i missed cobra starship. the traffic was crazy. and william beckett was soooo soooo nice. he took his time signing autographs even when security told him to stop that boy just kept going and going. ahh. sighs. his hips are so beautiful. i wanna see him shake that thang.


This was a great review.

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