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July 24, 2007

HOT BUTTERED RUM, RAILROAD EARTH @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA 7.22.07

Don't know how we managed to do it ... even after 7 hours of dancing the day before, we were able to get up the next morning and get back up to Berkeley (with the help of a little Extra Strength Tylenol and lots of coffee) for another show!     Gates opened at 11:30 am, and the show started at 1:00 pm.    Another gorgeous day ... a nice breeze, but in the sun on the concrete bleachers at the Greek Theater, it was HOT.   Despite the heat, the crowd was just as happy as they'd been the day before.
Sunday was a Bluegrass day -- with local San Francisco band Hot Buttered Rum opening.   I've seen these guys before and they are H-O-T.    These guys are young and enthusiastic, and they really endeared themselves to this Mom of 2 boys when they announced that all their Moms were in the audience that day.


Billy Nershi of String Cheese joined Hot Buttered Rum for a couple of songs ...



Railroad Earth put on an awesome show too!   We all decided we enjoyed Sunday's Bluegrass music more than the techno music the day before.
Had an interesting "sighting" while enjoying Railroad Earth, but unfortunately I couldn't photograph it so I'll just have to describe it.     I saw a guy in the audience dancing his ass off (just the lower half of his body) as he was holding the top half of his body very still while lighting the contents of a small glass pipe (if you get my drift) with a MAGNIFYING GLASS.   It was a hot day ... and it worked all right!
Billy Nershi came out and did a couple of songs with Railroad Earth too.


(and we noticed String Cheese percussionist Jason Hann sitting near us in the audience enjoying the show.)     Stay tuned for another String Cheese Incident ...
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