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July 16, 2007

Jeremy James NYC 7.13

You should definitely be on the lookout for jeremy james. he is one of the new faces of rnb, a singer/songwriter/guitarist, he has a laid back yet soulful approach to his music. The audience was in awe during his whole set. He plays the guitar effortlessly and connected with the audience which was helped by the intimate setting. One of the songs he sang at the end called imagine stood out the most. It talks about issues concerning world affairs and was beautifully written. i can't imagine this man not becoming a success in the near future.Jeremyjames

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I love your review!!


I never even heard of this guy but I will be looking forward to hearing him perform because of your review..Thanks


Wow thanks for the review!!


An artist on the rise,and one to keep an eye on.


I was there and this review is right on! Jeremy James played an amazing set, as always!


Read your bio, thus thank you very much for you dedication and interest to live music. Most importantly, thank you for the great review and your attendance at Jeremy James performance this past Friday 7/13 at Gibson.
Musically yours,
Manager of Jeremy James


Great review! Never heard of him tho, but I'll might check him out tho.


Nice Review Angela cool person


I'll be sure to look out for him in the future!


Great Review although I`ve nver heard of him.


he seems...refreshing...

Cafe ftp

Mr. James has a very WARM stage presence, his music paints pictures allowing the listener to feel they are a part of the experience. Ever so glad I purchased his CD, he wakes me up every morning and puts me to sleep every night


Great review! I definitely want to check him out now. Thanks!


Wow!!...execellent review Ange!!...guurrlll I loved it..and u make me really interested in this guy...wow...this is such a hella cool job u get 2 have!!...AWESOME...U ROCK ANGE!


I love his music!! U are so lucky girl - do the dayum thing!!


Thanks for turning me on to this new guy. I look forward to hearing more from him.

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