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July 18, 2007

Mandy Moore: Prudential Center, Boston MA 7.16.07

This past Monday, I went to the Prudential Center in Boston on my lunch break to see a radio-sponsored promo show for the only late-‘90s pop princess who remained even remotely normal throughout the past decade – Mandy Moore. I’ve never been a huge fan of female singers, but it was a free show, she seems genuinely talented, and “Because I Said So” is one of the few chick flicks I really like. She was promoting her brand new album “Wild Hope,” which she co-wrote all the songs for, so I was interested in hearing what she had to offer, especially considering she hasn’t been prominent in the music scene for a few years.


It was a stripped down set, as Mandy played with just a pianist and guitarist, but the music sounded very full, like it could be recorded for an album. The first song I heard them play was called “Moonshadow,” which was a cut from her 2003 album. I was seriously blown away by how good her voice sounded, especially in her next song, the title track to her new album, “Wild Hope.” This was my favorite of the songs she played. It was a slow song with a very ambient sound, and her vocals were amazing. “Extraordinary,” a happy and light song that she described as being about “stepping up” and not being shy, came next. This was one of those classic ‘I’m-not-a-little-girl-anymore’ songs that all young female pop singers seem to come out with, but it was catchy. The final song was another new song, “Gardenia,” which was recorded as a single take of a live performance on the album.

Overall, I was far more impressed with this performance than I had expected to be. Mandy’s voice on her recorded material barely comparable to hearing her live. She was her usual cutesy self throughout the show, as she rambled through stories about writing songs, and politely responded to the people in the audience declaring their love to her. I think we were all a little disappointed when she flat-out refused to play “Candy,” but it was nice to see that her music has matured since then.

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I love Mandy Moore! I wish she wouldn't be ashamed of "Candy," though. She was what, 15 when she recorded that? It's a catchy song.


I'd have to agree 100% w/ Scarlet that song is fabulous. Hanson still performs MMMBop - well the they start and the crowd sings most of it but you get the idea. I wanted to go to this show!


stop lying about 'because i said so' being one of the few chick flicks you like-- i thought i converted you!!
PS i love mandy & im so jealous!!


Nice way to spend a lunch break. I like Mandy and I'm glad to hear she has a new album coming out. BTW - enjoyed 'Because I Said So' too...but then again, I'm a sucker for chick flicks.


please facebook me when you find out about free concerts!! i didn't know this even happened. I think, Mandy Moore does have a good voice, hearing here live must have been cool.


very well-written melissa. i completely forgot mandy moore was even a singer, yet this almost makes me wanna go buy her cd.


Sick lunch break! You should have given here my number!


you gals are both in competition for my heart after these pics and blog. woohoooo.


nice work. covering someone you're definitely not that into and doing a great job with it!


sexy. sexy. sexy. as per usual.


some crazy stuff melissa. really well done. i really hated mandy more, and now i almost want to buy her cd. or at least download it illegally off of limewire.


I admire the fact that she refused to play candy. She is away from her "Candy and Princess Diary" days. =)


She from Nashua,NH. crazy? wonder if she vists when she comes to boston


it is cool to know that mandy moore can actually sing live....seems as though she will have a good album...i am disappointed that she didn't sing "candy" though- thats a classic :)


Love these concerts!! I try to go to everyone after work, missed Mandy but sounds like it was a good show!! wish i could have checked her out. litterly.


Cool that place is near my school wish i knew about it!!


she is cute


mandy moore sucks. but good article.


gooooood article.


Prudential Sq free concerts? Sweet!! Where do you find out about these?


long distance pick still came out pretty good considering its a camera phone!!


long distance pick still came out pretty good considering its a camera phone!!


Looks like a great show


free concert queen!


free concert queen!

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