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July 22, 2007

Musiq Soulchild @ Bank of America Sounds of R&B Series at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia 7/20

What a memorable show!  It felt like history was being made during this summer series/homecoming concert.  It’s amazing the consistency in which Musiq Soulchild flows song to song with full crowd enthusiasm. Consistency has been the soul story of Musiq’s career, with a series of platinum- and gold-selling albums and a stream of R&B hits to go right along.  Mixed in with those hits were popular cuts from his latest hit album ‘Luvanmusiq.’  Musiq’s voice is one as convincing and confident live as it is on his soulful records.

This free outdoor concert drew a massive drove of Philadelphians, so much so that some individuals were overwhelmed by the crowd size upon arriving and promptly left.  Most of the nose bleeders though enjoyed the sounds, the food, and the warm breeze in folding chairs all around the outskirts of the pier. ( much more of my review below! )



After the emotional crowd pleaser (and Musiq’s signature song) ‘Love’, he brought incredible energy with the classic soul bump of ‘Forthenight.’  I almost forgot what a feel good song that was—one of his best songs for sure.


I was taken on a flashback foreal when I heard the opening beatboxing/humming of Musiq’s very first hit ‘Just Friends.’  I remember the exact moment I first heard that song on Hot 97 New York one summer in a van full of summer campers lol.  From then on there’s been little stopping me from being a big fan.


As the sun set on the city, it felt as though Musiq was solidifying his place in Philadelphia music history (as if he hadn’t already).  He expressed openly to his massive hometown crowd how amazing it was to get love while ‘in the crib.’


The concert closer ‘BUDDY’ was jazzed up and slightly slowed but not lacking in energy.  When that single dropped earlier this year, many were surprised by Musiq’s rap-sing flow.  The single was perfect for contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop radio, but this rendition showed that Musiq truly knows the music that his fans want.


A good time was had by all.  This has be one of the greatest concerts here ever!

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hope you had fun at this show!


I did! It was my first time seeing Musiq actually, which is surprising, but it was worth the wait. Like I hinted in my review, there was something very special about this particular show just with it being in Philly and with his continued success on the new album.

Thanx 4 tha comment ;-)


Jon you keep doing the dang thing with that phone lol...and from that far away not bad. nice review, i hope he gets to read it. i know it was crazy crowded but great job!!!


Musiq is a great artist and you almost forget what a catalog of hits he has. The concert looked like a lot of fun. Though I've never seen him perform in person, I look forward to getting to one of his concerts one day.

Keep up the good work Jon

ManDa gUrL

Out of all the times for me to NOT be philly! I'm mad... I'm outraged and I am so very proud of Musiq for making it known that he has not forgotten where he comes from. I love him and i hope i'm around for the next time he decides to bless his hometown.


So many artist forget where they come from or loose that since of humility that carried them to success but Musiq isn't one of those artist. If ever there was an artist and/or songwriter that I can say that I love it would be him... Philly has nothing but love for you baby boy, nothing but love.

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