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July 07, 2007

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden @ The Henry Fonda Theater 7/6/07

Rocco DeLuca & the Burden are embarking on their very first headlining tour this Summer after opening up for John Mayer's "Continuum" tour. The hometown boys played their hearts out last night, making the crowd swoon and dance like a 1960s Woodstock show. Rocco DeLuca & the Burden's fans were in full force, from young kids their with their parents, teenage couples and older women who wouldn't stop screaming "Smile Dave!" at bassist Dave Beste, giving the show a real homely yet still rocking feel.


This was my third time seeing Rocco and the boys play a show, I had seen them twice before opening for John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl last month with my good friend and fellow blogger Taylore. She's actually a huge fan and drove six hours to Los Angeles to see them last night and she knows way more about the band than me. At the Mayer shows she told me "they are not an arena band." I agreed, though I had never seen them in an intimate setting. Seeing them play in a club last night though proved that point to be absolutely right. The way the sounds of the songs echoed in the room and Rocco's powerful voice ringing in everyone's ears made their show almost seem like the show could be a spiritual experience for some people; and after a week of four Fall Out Boy shows for myself, it was a great transition from catchy pop-punk to down right serious rock music.


The variety of instruments played on stage amazed me: drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, bongos and Rocco rocked out on his dorbo, which I mistook for a guitar for a very long time. Obviously, these guys knew how to make music but the true star of the show was Rocco's vocal power, the high notes that guy can hit are absolutely amazing! Hearing him in an arena where his voice gets lost somewhere in the distance did it no justice, the setting last night gave me absolute chills whenever he'd hold his notes.


My favorite performance of the night was most definitely "Swing Low," it's my favorite track on their album and live they change it up quite a bit and make it much more bluesy and deep. A close second favorite performance was when they performed "Soul"... it seemed as if the audience turned up their dancing ten notches from where it was before when they played it. Their closer, "I Trust You To Kill Me" has always been one of my favorite live songs from them, but hearing them play it in a club setting rather than the Hollywood Bowl gave it a whole other meaning - absolutely amazing. There's no other words to describe the power of the vocals and Rocco's delivery of the song.


So, not to make this sound like an advertisement for everyone to see Rocco and the boys, but if they're in town and you're in the mood for some real rock music or just need an escape from the catchy radio friendly hits for awhile, I would most definitely recommend catching a show by them. The intimate setting, the powerful vocals and the talent the band has at just playing their instruments and playing them damn well make it a show you won't be forgetting anytime soon.


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These pictures are awesome! I <3 this band as well. Nice writeup, I felt like I was actually at the concert. :D


these photos are insane, great review


love the pictures, these look fantastic. i can't believe you were able to take those with a phone


I love these shots. They look great. I'm so impressed that it's just a camera phone!


I love these shots. They look great. I'm so impressed that it's just a camera phone!


Those are amazing pictures! Great angles, I feel like I'm in the front row! Your descriptions of Rocco's voice are pretty stellar - maybe I'll check him out.


your pics keep getting better and better...amazing!


the pictures are stunning! your reviws are always amazing!!


Outstanding article and pics - they make you feel like you were there! Thanks!


wish I was there... but this made up for it :) the pics and article are totally awesome


Great pictures, and nice write up. I would love to see these guys at this sort of setting.

Lua D!

The photos and review make me wish i was at this show,
and i dont even listen to these artists.

awesome review,
thanks again!


i'm seeing rocco deluca & the burden later in august down in st. pete, fl, and i'm glad to hear that they put on such a good show! swing low is my favorite track on the album as well, and now i'm even more excited to hear it live, as well as all the other great songs on the album, after this review! :)

Krysten K.

Awesome! The pictures rock and the blog really gave me the feel of the show.


Wow! The pic with Rocco on his dorbo actually made it seem (to quote you) "like the show could be a spiritual experience" Awesome!!

Rosanna B.

I saw Rocco Deluca and the Burden open for Keane not too long ago at the Gibson Amphitheatre and I have to agree with what you're saying. They're definitely more suited for the smaller club atmosphere. I don't think many of the people that were there for Keane really appreciated what Rocco had to offer. The majority of the crowd spent their time talking during their set.


argh. you made it sound like it was a great concert. to bad i missed it. tell me when's their next concert.

Death is My Gift

That first pic is fraking perfect!
Reading that makes me wanna go to a show.


I really enjoyed this review.


I was at the Fonda that night as well. It was my 6th time seeing Rocco and the guys. I only see them at the clubs, never waste my time with the big shows. They speak for themselves. This is truely a band you can get passionate about as I have. Rocco is extremly gifted and a gracious man.


nice review. short and to the point 'i must go and see them at a small venue!' great pics by the way! i've never heard of them but they sound cool!

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