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July 06, 2007

Shadows Fall, New Daisy Theatre, Memphis: 07-02-07

The Daisy on historic Beale Street is one of my favorite Memphis
venues. It is small enough to be intimate, yet large enough to get big
names. I remember seeing The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Herbie Hancock,
and Dave Matthews Band there over the years.

Getting in was no problem, you know (ahem), since my name is on the
guest list under Billboard. I waited in the back with my newly adorned
press pass not knowing what to expect, after all this Massachusetts
metal band is coming on right before GWAR. My anticipation and fear of getting GWAR blood on me was soon replaced with a face-melting, eardrum bursting wall of metal...Shadowfallsjonathandonius_2

I am talking real metal, like late 80's before grunge. Thankfully (yea!
Billboard!) I was stage right about three feet from the band, avoiding
a boot in the face from the mosh pit. These guys are not only fun to
photograph but also to hear. AND they are nice too- I briefly saw them
after the show- believe me, that is rare. If you have a chance to see
them GO GO GO! With all band members being exceptionally gifted,
Fair's crazy swinging dreads, and Donais' guitar work, you will not be

Shadows Fall was formed in 1996, is comprised of Brian Fair on lead vocals,
Jonathan Donais on lead guitar/vocals, Matthew Bachand on
guitar/vocals, Paul Romanko on bass, and Jason Bittner on drums. You
can check out their new single Redemption from their new album Threads
of Life and tour schedule on

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Don Jungle

Thanks for the 411 cutie! Blog yo ass off.

danielle b

rock on sista!


can't wait for the poison post...see you there?


these boys were from mass. you should ask them what they really call that state. replace the first M with an A.

One of your cousins

You got it goin on shorty. O, sorry thats Aunt Betty's name. Well your still short to me, but, I Luv You for who you are. Say hi to Trey for us.


The daisy IS one of the best music venues around. I have been 10 feet away from a lot of famous musicians at that place. Not sure I want GWAR blood on me, though. Blog on!

Scotty B

Love the Daisy, such a great place to see live music.


Great blog, looking forward to seeing them ALL!


Great blog, looking forward to seeing them ALL!


Rock on sister. The New Daisy IS a great venue. looking forward to more from different locales.

shiv me

wow those boys are HOT!!!

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