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July 24, 2007

STRING CHEESE INCIDENT (2) @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA 7.22.07

There's something very special about this band and the way they make you feel.    They have the ability to "take you to another place."     I think this photo says it all -- just take a look at the rainbow of sunlight shining down while String Cheese was playing one of their encores with Railroad Earth.


Knowing this would be the last time I would see this incredible band was a major bummer!!    Months ago, when this tour was announced, Gary and I started looking into not only seeing String Cheese here in the Bay Area, but also going to Denver to catch one or two (or more?) of their final shows at Red Rocks.   Just about that time we were able to get tickets to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago (NEXT SATURDAY!!) and we decided that would have to be our only trip for the summer.     As we were listening to the last few songs Sunday I was saying to Gary ... "We HAVE to go to Red Rocks!!"

Hot Buttered Rum AND Railroad Earth joined String Cheese Incident ...



Now I know how the Dead Heads felt when Jerry died and they were facing "no more Grateful Dead concerts" ... brokenhearted.
Here's another cool photo I snapped of My Favorite Dead Head with the LG phone, while sitting down on the ground trying to steal a few minutes of Gary's "shade."      He survived the loss of the Grateful Dead's death, and he survived the loss of Phish ... he says there'll be another band to come along to fill the void left by String Cheese ... and that it's "all part of the journey."
Happy Birthday Gary!!    I LOVE YOU!
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great review


Love that first photo so much. "Music is life" and you are living it! Happy belated Gary. Here's to great music and good times!


Do you know where to get any more pictures from Berkeley?


I promise I will not send anyone else your pictures, I would pay to see more of Berkeley. The only 2 shows I was able to see on the final tour. The first night was one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. Had an amazing time and I want as much as possible to remember this. If you had any pictures of inflatable pigs they were ours.

Please let me know,
A huge fan of your pictures

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