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July 24, 2007

STRING CHEESE INCIDENT @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA 7.21.07

When String Cheese started to play I looked around at the audience and saw nothing but smiles.    String Cheese appeals to so many people because their music is upligting and just plain HAPPY.    I thought the young people in the crowd were probably there to see the opening bands ... but I was wrong.    We were ALL there to see String Cheese.      And you CANNOT stand still.   In fact, I defy you to enjoy an "Incident" (as String Cheese's shows are referred to) without breaking into a big, goofy grin and/or dancing with wild abandon.


OK, here's a photo  Gary took with his camera of me "working" ... down in front taking pictures of String Cheese on my LG camera phone.    :-)


Let me introduce you to String Cheese Incident:    Here is the incredible percussionist, Jason Hann (whose drum solo was without a doubt the best I've ever seen) and Billy Nershi (a world-class guitar player) ...


Keith Moseley on bass ...


Kyle Hollingsworth on keyboards ...


Michael Travis on drums, and the extremely talented Michael Kang on violin, mandolin, and guitar.


Michael Kang has that magical ability with his violin to practically levitate the audience right out of their shoes.      (Oh I should mention ... String Cheese Incidents take me to that "other place" over ... and over ... and over.)
String Cheese started in Colorado in the mid 1990's.   Jerry Garcia died in 1995, and there were hordes of Dead Heads who had no band to follow ... no band to tape ... no "favorite band."    Some of the Dead Heads embraced Phish ... many of them found String Cheese.    (We talked to an older Dead Head lady whose husband is a "taper" and she said they didn't find String Cheese until 2000 and had spent five long years just ... lost.)    There were a LOT of Grateful Dead hats, tattoos and t-shirts there this weekend ...


The music of String Cheese is pretty different from the Dead's music ... but with very similar "roots" in traditional and bluegrass which the Dead Heads recognized and embraced when they found String Cheese.
Billy Nershi is the soul of String Cheese Incident...


I think I got some really awesome pictures with this little LG phone!






Guess what?   We get to see them again tomorrow!
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Really enjoy reading your concert reviews, Lesley, great descriptions of groups that are new to me. Your reviews make me want to hear their music. And these pictures really are awesome, makes me want one of those LG phones!


Is there any way to see Gary's pictures? I can't imagine what he must have got if you got all these with your phone.


im the guy right in front of you in the pic of u taking pictures, thats so weird.

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