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July 24, 2007

THE DISCO BISCUITS, SOUND TRIBE SECTOR 9 (STS9) -- opening for String Cheese Incident @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA 7.21.07

First of all ... look at the names of these bands who played at the Greek Theater in Berkeley this past weekend ... Disco Biscuits ... String Cheese Incident ... Hot Buttered Rum ... is anybody else getting HUNGRY???   


It was a warm and gorgeous day in Berkeley on Saturday, it was Gary's birthday, and we had friends David & Janice visiting from Tahoe to enjoy a couple of "Incidents" with us.
For someone who just saw String Cheese Incident for the first time just a year and a day ago at 10KLF ... I realized I've seen this INCREDIBLE band seven times since that first time just a year ago.   They are awesome, and in case you didn't know -- this summer's tour is their last.   String Cheese has been playing their unique mix of "bluegrass/traditional meets feel-good rock with some techno thrown in" together for over 10 years, and although there doesn't seem to be any animosity between the band members on stage, they've decided to "go their separate ways," "pursue other interests," blah, blah, blah.   This is kind of like having your favorite aunt & uncle get a divorce, or a death in the family ... those special times and holiday get-togethers are just never going to be the same ... something is just going to be "missing."     (This is, well, a tragedy.  But more on that later.)
Gates opened at 3:00, the show started at 4:00, and didn't end until about 11:00 PM.    What a show!
The Disco Biscuits were the first band out.    Their music (as well as STS9's) was very "techno."    I wouldn't have thought it was "my kind of music," but if they're playing with String Cheese, they've gotta be alright.   Their show was very enjoyable and had the crowd moving.
STS9's set was entirely instrumental and more "techno" than the Disco Biscuits.   The focal point of the band is the DRUMMER*, which is very unusual -- usually the drummer is set up at the back of the stage and on occasion he/she will get to shine during the obligatory drum solo.    STS9's drummer is the most  animated drummer I've ever seen ... he's set up front and center and is very entertaining to watch (he's in the white t-shirt in the photo below, with his arms in the air.)   He's having a GREAT time, he's getting a good workout, and it's clear that not only are the audiences' eyes on him, but the band's are as well.  STS9's set was also very entertaining.   


OK ... the crowd is warmed up NOW!!
*Unfortunately I can't tell you the drummer's name or any of the band members' names, for that matter, as they never "introduced themselves," and for some strange reason, the STS9 website doesn't give you the band members' names either.     Oh well!    I tried!
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